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Success Stories
How the favorite Brooklyn sneaker brand uses Yotpo to tap into their customer feedback for marketing, product, and customer service.
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"Yotpo has really impacted our entire business — from customer service to product development, and even our marketing efforts."
Kristin Sword |
Marketing Manager
By leveraging smarter, higher-converting UGC at scale throughout the buyer journey, UNTUCKit delivers an engaging customer experience.
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“When shoppers are looking at user-generated content it definitely helps them make the decision to purchase."
Alberto Corral |
Director of Marketing
With authentic customer content across their site, Brooklinen increased shopper trust, eased the purchase decision, and have seen a significant uplift in on-site conversion.
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“I think what sets us apart is not only that we take feedback and that we run with it, but that we strive for it and crave it.”
Jack Lorentzen |
Senior Associate
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How they tap into consumer insights to improve product, marketing, and customer experience.
Learn how they foster brand community with authentic customer content on site.
How Pura Vida used UGC in their ads to increase return on ad spend (ROAS) dramatically.

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