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iFLY Syndicates 1000+ Reviews in 40 Days With Yotpo & Walmart

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iFLY is a family-owned wholesale brand that quickly became Walmart’s top selling travel fashion brand for both in-store and online sales. iFLY holds a beloved spot as the best rated and most reviewed luggage brand in America.


Main Takeaways
iFLY switched from Bazaarvoice, their previous provider, to Yotpo to generate reviews.
iFLY syndicates all reviews to Walmart.com with Yotpo’s direct syndication partnership.
Yotpo’s advanced user interface provides customers with the best user experience on desktop and mobile.

Being a wholesale, retail-first brand brings a different set of obstacles than those of a traditional D2C brand. “Being a wholesale brand, reviews are everything,” says David Rapps, President and Chief Strategy Officer. “On Walmart.com, you need to make it easy for shoppers to choose your brand when your competitor’s listing is right next to yours. The number of reviews your product has sets you apart.”


Knowing the importance of authentic customer feedback, iFLY started collecting reviews right away with their previous reviews platform, Bazaarvoice. However, as iFLY expanded its digital ambitions, it migrated to Yotpo because of the elevated user experience, easy digital integrations, and Walmart syndication partnership. Switching over to Yotpo gave iFLY the flexibility and freedom to customize their review requests, resulting in a better user interface and experience, and ultimately leading to an increase in their review submissions.


”The user experience for a customer has to be crisp and strong. Yotpo does a great job at ensuring this experience happens, whether the customer is leaving a review from their desktop or mobile device. ”

logo David Rapps, President and Chief Strategy Officer, iFLY


Main Takeaways
iFLY understands their customers and products better through the high quality, detailed reviews collected via Yotpo Smart Prompts.
iFLY displays reviews on product packaging, reinforcing their brand mission.
Yotpo provides the unique handshake between the consumer and wholesaler.

“We look at reviews as a way to speak directly with our consumers. When you’re a wholesaler selling on a marketplace like Walmart.com, you can’t connect with your customers the same way you can on a D2C site. Yotpo’s platform solution provides that ability.” says Rapps.


“We are huge nerds when it comes to reviews. We look at every single review that comes in, and we love replying to reviews, good or bad,” says Rapps. Reviews don’t just build brand trust and influence potential customers; for iFLY, reviews impact their branding, product packaging, email marketing campaigns, and the actual products themselves. Yotpo’s Smart Prompts encourage higher-quality, more detailed reviews, enabling iFLY to perform robust internal analysis to determine popular review topics and keywords, what people like about their products, and what needs to be modified.

The keywords gathered from Yotpo Reviews are then printed on the side of their product packaging. “When customers are in a big retail store like Walmart, seeing user-generated content directly on the product’s packaging and in the description is huge. It really makes a difference for the end consumer,” says Rapps. iFLY ensures they direct every customer to leave a review, even retail customers. Yotpo’s on-site review capabilities initiate the consumer's digital relationship with their brand, even if it originated offline or in-store.

”The content and intelligence we get from our reviews is so valuable to our business. We are on pace to generate over 10,000 fresh reviews for our iFLY luggage over the next 12 months with Yotpo Reviews.”

David Rapps, President and Chief Strategy Officer


Main Takeaways
iFLY collected 1,000 new reviews and syndicated to Walmart in 40 days.
Yotpo’s full platform approach has allowed iFLY to expand their reach and communication to customers via SMS marketing.
Yotpo’s review collection methods have increased iFLY’s daily review generation by 7x.

“Ratings and reviews have built so much of iFLY’s business,” says Rapps. It was extremely important for the brand to ensure they were with the right review provider since that feedback heavily impacts their business and customer relationships.

iFLY’s unique custom integrations made it extremely easy for consumers to leave reviews, increasing their daily review generation by 7x. In addition, iFLY took advantage of Yotpo’s AI-influenced Smart Prompts, which automatically suggest high-converting topics of interest as customers write reviews. This led the brand to generate over 1,000 reviews in only 40 days. iFLY is now on pace to generate over 10,000 fresh reviews over the next 12 months with Yotpo’s solution.

iFLY knew they needed more than a one point solution to get maximum value out of their eCommerce marketing strategy — they needed a platform. “Choose a platform that is equipped with marketing tools for today’s world,” Rapps recommends. “Reviews are just one point of customer engagement, and Yotpo provides a total platform solution for each phase of the customer journey.” iFLY began with Yotpo reviews and Walmart syndication. As a Walmart Supplier of the Year, the brand knew Yotpo could provide the integrated and robust tech stack they needed to be the best supplier possible for Walmart. In addition, iFLY quickly added Yotpo SMS & Email to their stack as well, providing another channel to further engage with their customers. Loyalty is the next piece of the puzzle.

”Yotpo has increased our daily review volume by 7x. The amount of user-generated content we are able to syndicate has been vital in achieving and maintaining our high ranking status on Walmart.com.”

David Rapps, President and Chief Strategy Officer

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