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PROBAR Supercharges D2C Growth with Yotpo Subscriptions

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PROBAR crafts delicious, wholesome food that's made with real ingredients. Their mission revolves around providing the perfect fuel for everyday adventures, whether it's a quick snack on the go or a satisfying meal at home.


Main Takeaways
PROBAR struggled to obtain a complete 360-degree view of their shoppers, hindering effective customer retention and personalized marketing efforts.
Their fragmented tech stack created disconnects in data, making it challenging to tailor engagement for each customer and hampering subscriber growth.
Complex management of customer subscriptions resulted in increased costs and posed a risk to the brand's reputation.
PROBAR faced difficulties with previous migrations between subscription providers and lacked the crucial support and account strategy they needed for successful operations.

PROBAR encountered challenges in retaining customers and shaping effective marketing strategies. Their quest for a complete, all-encompassing customer view posed a considerable obstacle to developing a sturdy customer retention strategy. The fragmented nature of their tech stack introduced disconnections among their data streams, hindering their ability to personalize customer journeys and engage with each customer effectively, ultimately impacting subscriber growth.

Furthermore, the management of customer subscriptions proved to be a complex endeavor. They faced hurdles when attempting to make routine updates such as addresses or payment methods, and making bulk changes to subscriptions was far from straightforward. This not only resulted in increased customer service expenses but also posed a risk to the brand's reputation.

PROBAR meal bars

PROBAR also struggled to provide meaningful support and account strategy from their previous provider. Their migration between different subscription providers led to disruptions that negatively impacted their recurring revenue. Even during their time with their previous provider, they found themselves without the essential support they needed.

PROBAR was in need of a more holistic solution that would empower them to gain a comprehensive understanding of their customers. This would not only enable them to predict and meet subscriber needs but also streamline subscription management while establishing a tech stack that could elevate subscriber engagement and solidify customer retention efforts.


Main Takeaways
PROBAR partnered with Yotpo, utilizing their unified solutions for a comprehensive approach to customer engagement and retention.
Transitioning to Yotpo Subscriptions enhanced customer retention with improved features and a cost-effective migration.
PROBAR combined loyalty and subscriptions for a seamless customer experience, driving loyalty and extending CLTV.
Yotpo's data-driven tools enabled targeted marketing, and their subscription management tools streamlined PROBAR's processes for efficiency.

PROBAR navigated the challenges they faced by forging a partnership with Yotpo, a unified platform offering an array of interconnected solutions spanning reviews, loyalty programs, SMS marketing, and more. Through the adoption of Yotpo's suite of tools, PROBAR significantly enhanced its customer retention strategy.

As PROBAR delved into Yotpo's SMS, Loyalty, and Reviews solutions, they realized that the key to authentic retention lay in transitioning to Yotpo Subscriptions. This versatile tool not only allowed them to replicate the experiences they provided with their previous provider but also offered enhanced versions of the same features. When combined with other Yotpo products, it substantially amplified their subscriptions' growth and retention potential. The migration to Yotpo Subscriptions unfolded smoothly, providing the company with responsive support and cost advantages compared to previous providers.

By effectively integrating their loyalty and subscription programs, PROBAR succeeded in creating a holistic customer experience that genuinely makes their subscribers feel like the VIPs they are. Yotpo's loyalty program empowers PROBAR to incentivize subscribers with extra points for signing up and ongoing points for their recurring orders, offering an enticing reason to remain loyal. Subscribers could effortlessly earn reward points, using them for redemptions on upcoming subscription orders with just one click from the customer portal. This is having a profound impact on subscriber sentiment and the redemption of loyalty points, subsequently extending lifetime value.

PROBAR mockup

With Yotpo's robust support, PROBAR gains access to valuable customer data and analytics, providing a deeper understanding of customer behavior. Armed with this enhanced insight, the brand embarked on crafting SMS campaigns infused with customer attributes and behaviors. Furthermore, they are creating highly effective marketing strategies featuring SMS messages with personalized content, such as highlighting a subscriber's accumulated points and recommending additional products to subscribe to. This data-driven approach allows them to craft laser-focused marketing campaigns and optimize the overall customer experience.

Finally, Yotpo's subscription management tools streamlined PROBAR's subscription processes. Now, they efficiently manage their subscription programs, add new products to selling plans, update subscriber details, and execute bulk actions. This has not only saved them time but also delivered a seamless subscriber experience.

James Davis, Senior eCommerce Manager, PROBAR

”The subscription team's support has been truly amazing and life-changing. Unlike other solutions, Yotpo subscriptions made migration smooth and hassle-free. We're thrilled with the available features and the seamless collaboration between products!”

PROBAR logo James Davis, Senior eCommerce Manager


Main Takeaways
Since adopting Yotpo, PROBAR has seen an impressive 41% reduction in churn rate.
After launching Yotpo Subscriptions, PROBAR is seeing a 40% increase in subscription revenue.
45% of all orders on their website are subscription orders.

Following their migration to Yotpo Subscriptions, PROBAR achieved an impressive 41% reduction in their churn rate. This marked decrease in customer attrition is a testament to their newfound capability to keep subscribers engaged and loyal, facilitated by the user-friendly tools provided by the brand.

Moreover, a few months after migrating to Yotpo Subscriptions, PROBAR increased subscription revenue by 40%, firmly underscoring the impact of prioritizing subscriber experience and offering the right tools to enhance it. Additionally, 45% of all orders placed on their website are now for subscriptions showcasing their effectiveness in driving customer engagement and nurturing brand loyalty through their subscription offerings.

The partnership between PROBAR and Yotpo not only improved their customer retention and engagement but also significantly boosted their revenue streams and ability to build a loyal community around its brand.


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