How Redline Steel Uses UGC to Stand Out On Google

  • Industry
    Home Decor
  • Platform & Agency
    Platform & Agency
    Shopify & MuteSix
  • Challenge
    Leveraging their community to collect and display UGC at more touchpoints while reducing CPA
  • Solution
    Showcasing reviews & ratings on Google search, onsite, and on social to drive trust & conversion
  • Results
    245,000+ reviews and 18,300+ photos collected, 60% decrease in CPA, 14+% increase in conversion rates
Redline Steel is veteran-owned, American-made, and community-built — and it’s taking home decor to a whole new level.

In 2016, fitness icon Colin Wayne found a baseball-themed steel monogram he wanted to purchase for his son. With the discovery of this niche product, he saw a unique opportunity to dive into the market headfirst, igniting his passion for building businesses. Wayne created Redline Steel, now the most innovative steel manufacturing and home decor brand selling direct-to-consumer. With his undying perseverance, marketing prowess, and commitment to philanthropy, he has cultivated a passionate fanbase and dedicated customer community.

Yotpo has turned our brand into a global phenomenon. In just one year, we generated over 100,000 reviews — making Redline Steel the leader in custom home decor.
Colin Wayne
Colin Wayne
CEO of Redline Steel
Reviews collected


Redline Steel’s customer community is an integral part of the brand, so Wayne immediately saw the immense potential value that user-generated content could have. “Our shoppers wanted to see other people using our products, and we wanted to show them,” said Wayne.

Redline Steel needed a partner that could help them collect and showcase as many user-generated reviews and ratings across as many marketing channels as possible to build the buyer confidence that would retain and engage those customers for the long haul.

By sharing customer content at early touchpoints, like on Google Shopping search results, on social media, onsite, and more, Redline Steel could build trust while staying within their target CPA budget.

Our customers truly care about the brand. They see our vision, and they want to contribute. Every review makes a difference — they help to build that emotional connection. It’s personal, and we want them to know they’re on this journey with us. Their reviews are as much a part of our brand as our products.
Colin Wayne
Colin Wayne
CEO of Redline Steel


By implementing Yotpo’s Reviews solution, Redline Steel could collect thoughtful reviews from their customer base — and then display that impactful content at the most crucial stops along the buyer journey.

To drive engagement at the early touchpoints, the brand features these reviews in search results. “What I love the most is Yotpo’s integration with the Google Shopping network,” says Wayne. “The power of visibility and trust is incredible. We’re the brand that stands out in the home decor space. There aren’t many other brands in our industry that have leveraged these reviews within Google as we have with Yotpo. It’s a massive power tool.”

Featuring reviews and ratings on Google Shopping has made a massive impact on the brand’s acquisition strategy. Now, Redline Steel invests heavily in expanding the reach of their UGC; in fact, they now display this content in social posts, retargeting ads, retention ads, and more. From these channels, shoppers then arrive onsite to see UGC on both the homepage and product pages, building trust and boosting conversion for new and return traffic alike.

Decrease in CPA
Invest in the right platform, not just the cheapest. Then, get as much user-generated content as you can. Don’t be afraid to ask for it. Brands need to have a strong market strategy if they’re looking to grow, and it’s imperative to partner with the right platform, like Yotpo, that can scale your brand as you’re scaling your business.
Colin Wayne
CEO of Redline Steel