How American Hat Makers Increased Revenue by 80% With SMS

  • Industry
    Fashion & Accessories
  • Platform & Agency
    Platform & Agency
    Shopify Plus & CURIO
  • Challenge
    With existing channels not converting fast enough, the brand needed to look for a solution that would generate revenue
  • Solution
    Partner with Yotpo SMS & Email and CURIO to execute an SMS strategy that would drive conversions, increase revenue MoM, and foster 1:1 relationships
  • Results
    97x ROI from Welcome Flow, 35% MoM Subscriber Growth, 12% CVR from SMS review requests
Yotpo and CURIO join forces to optimize American Hat Makers’ SMS channel, driving 140X ROI on automated messages.


For nearly 50 years, American Hat Makers, a family-owned handcrafted hat business, has made it their mission to treat each and every customer like family. Offering fast delivery, a lifetime guarantee, and using the finest materials in their products, American Hat Makers work hard to be the best hat makers in America.

Every customer matters, every stitch matters. The American Hat Makers’ family puts conscious and deliberate thought into both their products and their customer experiences. In order to maintain their commitment to their customers, the family-driven business is always coming up with innovative ways to improve each online shopper’s journey.

It was a no-brainer to go with Yotpo SMS & Email. We’re committed to Yotpo for our eCommerce needs and to be able to consolidate our tech stack was pivotal.
Ori Adler
Ori Adler
Director of eCommerce, American Hat Makers
on post-purchase upsell flow


American Hat Makers recognized the opportunity for a new revenue channel when their email open rates and conversions weren’t achieving the desired results. The brand needed another way to drive revenue — a quicker way, one that could engage a customer before they left the website. “We needed a revenue-driving solution that could reach our customers faster than email, but wouldn’t take away from our email channel. We wanted a solution that could supplement it,” says Ori Adler, eCommerce Director, American Hat Makers.

However, devoting resources to launching and maintaining a new channel seemed like a burden for the brand. The team was already operating at full capacity, and they knew that for this channel to be successful, it was going to require some outside help to reach its full potential.


In their pursuit of this new revenue-driving channel, American Hat Makers enlisted the help of their digital marketing agency partner, CURIO, who proposed Yotpo SMS & Email as the solution to their challenges. “We always recommend the best solutions to our clients,” says Doris Neufeld, Head of Email & SMS at CURIO. An existing Yotpo Reviews and Loyalty client, Adler states, “It was a no-brainer to go with Yotpo SMS & Email. We’re committed to Yotpo for our eCommerce needs and to be able to consolidate our tech stack was pivotal.”

American Hat Makers launched their SMS channel with Yotpo SMS & Email and saw an immediate impact. Optimizing for an ongoing SMS strategy is where CURIO’s managed services with Yotpo became a game changer. Understanding the brand’s internal resources were strapped, CURIO brought their SMS expertise into the mix and teamed up with Yotpo SMS & Email to tap into the full potential of the SMS program and Yotpo’s platform as a whole. “After studying the account and seeing where the opportunity lay, we first integrated with the Yotpo suite to take full advantage of the synergies so we could collect more reviews and drive loyalty participation using SMS,” says Neufeld.

CURIO’s next focus was on message optimization to portray the authenticity and casualness of the brand and their SMS channel. “It’s a different approach to SMS copy than it is with email. We’re able to have a little more fun with it, which brings out the brand’s voice, known for being more casual and fun. With the customer it’s important to be authentic, even though text can be automated, it’s still a personal communication, just like a text from a friend,” says Neufeld.

Everything you communicate to a customer matters. SMS is another opportunity to articulate your brand values and your customer appreciation. If you do it, do it right.
Doris Neufeld
Doris Neufeld
Head of Email & SMS, CURIO
on abandoned cart flow
"Pull the trigger on SMS. I wish we had done it sooner. The platform has so much potential and so much opportunity, but it’s not a set and forget it channel. You need to be consistent with your messaging because your customers deserve the attention and want to hear from you through text."
Ori Adler
Director of eCommerce, American Hat Makers