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Three Sisters Jewelry Collects Over 700 Reviews with Yotpo Growth

Three Sisters Jewelry
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For almost 14 years, Three Sisters Jewelry, run by Zoe Mohler, has been providing customers with unique, personalized jewelry pieces. Mohler draws inspiration from vintage jewelry and infuses her pieces with modern meaning, creating a perfect sense of modern nostalgia.


Main Takeaways
Three Sisters Jewelry was having trouble collecting customer reviews, despite offering coupons and discounts for reviews
The brand was looking for a reviews solution that understood and catered to the needs of a small business
As a small team TSJ did not have a dedicated tech person to handle a complicated backend.

Three Sisters Jewelry had a strong start. They were featured on Good Morning America on launch day, and they’ve been worn by various celebrities, featured in different magazines and editorials, and even had lines in retailers such as Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. However, the brand still relied heavily on word of mouth and the referrals of satisfied past customers to drive continuous growth.

Three Sisters Jewelry

TSJ was having trouble collecting enough valuable reviews with their previous provider, even while offering coupons and discounts in exchange for reviews. "I was really intrigued by how many reviews other jewelry brands had - they just had so many! I wondered how they were able to collect all those reviews when I couldn’t even collect one? I was using a different solution at the time, and requesting reviews, but I wasn’t getting any responses. . I was even offering discounts, and it still just wasn’t happening," Mohler recalls.

As she started looking for a new reviews provider, Mohler knew that without any tech experts on staff, she needed a solution that was quick to install, easy to maintain, and one that wasn't ridiculously expensive.

Three Sisters Jewelry

”When you’re a small business and you are going to invest in a tech solution, you want to be sure that they’re going to look out for you. It’s an investment, and if you’re going to spend money on a service, you want it to be someone you trust.”

Three Sisters Jewelry Zoe Mohler, Founder and CEO, Three Sisters Jewelry


Main Takeaways
Took advantage of quick set-up and simple program management to get Yotpo up and running quickly
Leveraged the education provided by Yotpo to optimize and customize their review collection strategy
Created a dedicated SEO page to make it easier than ever for customers to find the social proof they need

As Mohler was scrolling through her personal Instagram, she stumbled upon a Yotpo-powered ad featuring a customer review from a different jewelry brand, and she was instantly intrigued. “I discovered Yotpo through that brand,” says Mohler, “I would always see the ads with reviews on my Instagram feed. They were eye-catching and the brand was really big on promoting their user-generated content. I was fascinated by that.”

In addition, the agency Mohler was working with at the time also recommended she try Yotpo to collect reviews. Mohler decided to give it a go.

Mohler started out on the free plan. “I was sort of testing it out, trying to get an idea of what it was like behind the scenes,” Mohler says. She quickly realized that even without a dedicated tech person on staff, setting up and operating Yotpo was very easy.

With the continued education provided by Yotpo, Mohler slowly started learning more and more about how to make the most out of the platform. Just recently, she added a dedicated reviews SEO page to her website with the guidance of Yotpo’s comprehensive support documentation to get even more organic traffic directed to her site.

Three Sisters Jewelry

”The Yotpo system was intuitive and easy to use, making setup a breeze for a beginner like me.”

Three Sisters Jewelry Zoe Mohler, Founder and CEO, Three Sisters Jewelry


Main Takeaways
Taking an even more personal approach, the brand started asking customers to share the stories behind their personalized pieces
The brand collected over 700 reviews (and counting!)
To strengthen the bond between brand and customers, Three Sisters Jewelry launched a successful loyalty program

As Mohler learned more about customization options with Yotpo, she decided to personalize her review requests. She began asking customers to share their own unique stories behind their purchases, resulting in less negative reviews. She’d created a platform for customers to share their personal motivations and interests, and an opportunity for prospective customers to see these stories and gain inspiration for their pieces as well. “Instead of just saying ‘leave a review,’ we asked them to tell us the story behind what they purchased. People want to share that!”

The reviews started pouring in soon after, and today, Three Sisters Jewelry has collected more than 700 reviews and has experienced an uplift of over 11% in CVR.

With so many satisfied customers, Mohler knew she needed a way to keep them coming back, so she added Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals, and launched an on-brand loyalty program to reward her biggest brand advocates. "We have a lot of customers who have been shopping with us since the beginning," Mohler says. "I want to recognize and celebrate them." With both her reviews and loyalty solutions working in complete sync, Mohler looks forward to collecting even more stories, creating deeper connections with customers, and future growth.

”I don’t have a lot of time to run around to try and get everything to work. When my solutions speak to each other, it makes my job easier. I trust Yotpo — I know that using Reviews and Loyalty will be easy and effective.”

Zoe Mohler, Founder and CEO, Three Sisters Jewelry

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