How Bokksu Invested in Customer Relationships with Yotpo

  • Industry
    Food Subscription
  • Platform & Integrations
    Platform & Integrations
    Shopify, Klaviyo, Fomo and more
  • Challenge
    Continue to grow the brand by engaging with existing customers & winning over new ones
  • Solution
    Implement reviews, UGC, & loyalty & referrals on and offsite to give passionate fans a voice & inspire potential buyers
  • Results
    An engaged community of preexisting & new customers, as well as exponential growth
It was in between bites of mango chiffon cakes in Kyushu and fresh matcha in Kyoto that Danny Taing realized his life’s passion.


Taing couldn’t get enough of the local snacks during his time living and working in Japan. When he returned to the US, he was frustrated to discover that there were almost no authentic Japanese options back home. Taing decided to address this snack-tastrophe head on, and Bokksu — the premium Japanese snack subscription service — was born.

In 2016, Taing was packing boxes by hand to send out to family and friends, hoping his idea would work. Today, Bokksu has grown into a 12-person team with a fulfillment center in Osaka, where boxes are packed and shipped worldwide. As Bokksu’s subscriber count grew, Taing realized it was time to look for a tech partner who could scale with them.

Customer photos provide us with a consistent, fresh stream of up-to-date and ever-changing content that inspires and excites potential customers.
Danny Taing
Danny Taing
Founder & CEO
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Bokksu had evolved from a startup with a focus on acquisition to an established business with a significant customer base. While the company had successfully captured the taste buds of snackers around the world, their customers lacked the opportunity to engage with each other and to share their love of Bokksu with friends. The brand needed a solution that could scale with them, integrating not only with their existing tools, but also with the tools they were planning on adding as they continued to grow.

“We had to think what technologies would help us scale better and were worth the investment,” said Taing. “In addition to retaining customers, we also wanted to be able to attract new ones. So it was a two-fold challenge.”   

Taing decided it was time to invest in a technology platform that would allow Bokksu to focus on customer retention and engagement as well as acquisition.

One of the things that I love most about our Yotpo partnership is the whole ecosystem. We connect Yotpo with Shopify, Klaviyo, Gorgias, Fomo, Octane AI, ReCharge, Facebook, Instagram, and Google. This creates a seamless experience across all of our channels and systems.


Bokksu used reviews and visual marketing to give excited customers a voice and drive community engagement and retention. As Taing explains, “Reviews directly influence how we create our boxes, which shows our customers that we value and listen to their feedback.” Bokksu also created a points program which weaves UGC and loyalty & referrals together, incentivizing customers to leave reviews in exchange for points.

Bokksu took full advantage of Yotpo’s widgets and integrations, using UGC collected from their existing customers in order to inspire new ones. Through Yotpo’s FOMO integration, Bokksu deployed pop-up notifications featuring reviews. They retargeted potential customers with customer feedback in abandoned cart Facebook messages with the Octane AI integration. By using reviews in Google GSRs, Rich Snippets and Google Shopping, Bokksu was able to build credibility and drive high-intent traffic to their site. Finally, with Yotpo’s referral solution and email integration with Klaviyo, Bokksu automatically prompted shoppers who left five-star reviews to refer friends.

Set yourself up for success with the right technology partners, who can support you through major growth periods and can scale effectively with you.
Danny Taing
Founder & CEO