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The Elderberry Co. Saves Time and Money Migrating to Yotpo Subscriptions

The Elderberry Co.
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The Elderberry Co. started with a simple Facebook post in 2017 where founder and mom, Jenny, shared an incredible remedy with other moms looking to keep their families healthy. From that single Facebook post, Jenny grew the business to a nationwide brand! Today The Elderberry Co. makes the same small batch, hand-crafted, fresh elderberry syrup every week.


Main Takeaways
Historically, moving platforms is really difficult and time-consuming.
The brand felt that they lacked support resources from legacy platforms.
Their current solution didn't provide a holistic customer journey.
Dual checkout caused major issues with their support time.

Due to the perishable nature of the product, it was natural for the brand to turn towards subscriptions as a way to predict demand and mitigate overstock. The brand initially launched with Bold because it was one of the only solutions in the market at the time, eventually, as a result of rigid experiences, they left Bold for Recharge.

The brand quickly learned that Recharge was also not the right solution for them due to lackluster support resources, inefficient loyalty integrations, and limited capabilities gated behind a payment wall.

The Elderberry Co.

That first experience, migrating from Bold to Recharge, was a difficult one. It took the team well over a week to make the move and had to manually export and import customers. The process was grueling. Needless to say, Jenny and her team were hesitant at the thought of another migration, worrying it would once again be a labor-intensive process, all while they were trying to launch a new product.

Eventually, the team grew tired of having to make duplicate efforts as a result of Recharge being a separate payment platform and found that because of the limitation in Recharge, their most loyal customers, the subscribers, were not getting the best deals.

Having used Yotpo products extensively and enjoyed the benefits of a Yotpo strategist, over relying on support chats and emails, Jenny and her team took a chance on Yotpo Subscriptions.

Jenny Watson

”[The difference in the migration process] was night and day. With Recharge, I spent an entire week of my time with spreadsheets and back and forth with Recharge support on a chat system.”

The Elderberry Co. logo Jenny Watson, President + Founder


Main Takeaways
Yotpo’s white-glove migration took the burden off of the team, while keeping them well informed.
A dedicated CSM helped the brand strategize and create a program designed for growth.
The migration enabled the team to clean up their workflow and streamline discounts and loyalty offerings.

When the team finally decided to pull the trigger, Jenny expected to be dealing with excel sheets all over again.

Instead, she had a conversation with her CSM, aligning on the process and design of her subscriptions program, then granted permission for the Yotpo team. Over the weekend, her migration specialists worked to transfer her subscription contracts in the background, and three days later, The Elderberry Co. was fully migrated to Yotpo Subscriptions.

The entire process required no excel sheets, no exporting information to import it elsewhere, no extra effort from Jenny’s team, and most importantly no business interruption. Her Yotpo CSM communicated the entire process and Jenny was able to prep her own support team on the new, easy-to-use platform immediately.

The Elderberry Co. subscription

While Bold and Recharge relied on tickets and emails, Jenny’s team knew that they could rely on Yotpo’s CSMs who were communicative and happy to hop on a call or push support tickets as issues came up. Jenny stated, “Being able to talk to real people on calls, having someone to sit down and strategize with, and push IT tickets was a game changer.”

In addition to the seamless migration, the brand is now able to explore deeper integrations with Yotpo Loyalty and SMS.

”I kept waiting for the ball to drop and was scared that I would have to deal with excel sheets, but two days later, Dan let me know that we were ready to go live.”

The Elderberry Co. Jenny Watson , President + Founder


Main Takeaways
A stress-free migration resulted in the team being able to create a subscription program that worked for them.
The brand saw no business interruption and 0% increase in migration-related churn.

When Jenny started The Elderberry Co., she wanted it to be, primarily, a subscription-based business - so far the team has managed to make subscriptions 40% of their daily revenue. With the move to Yotpo, she is looking forward to increasing that to 60% with Yotpo’s full suite of products and growth-centric tools.

With Yotpo Subscriptions, not only can Jenny and her team spend less time worrying about everyday management, but they can also focus on strategies to increase their subscriber base.

Her advice to brands looking to switch?

”The best thing I did was to pull the trigger quickly and keep it simple. Don’t wait to create this elaborate program or be scared to move, it could cost months of recurring revenue. Yotpo really makes it easy for you to start earning recurring revenue immediately.”

The Elderberry Co. logo Jenny Watson, President + Founder

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