DOMU Brands | Yotpo Case Studies

DOMU Brands Boosts Recognition and Trust With Yotpo and Vaimo

  • Industry
    Home & Garden, Beauty
  • Platform & integrations
    Platform & integrations
    Magento Commerce & Vaimo
  • Challenge
    Help DOMU develop their eCommerce channel by building better brand recognition and increasing consumer trust
  • Solution
    Separate brands into their own unique sites on Magento Commerce 2 and implement an extensive UGC strategy to bolster social proof
  • Results
    12,000+ customer photos collected, 2x more time spent onsite, 196% uplift in conversion for visitors that engage with UGC
DOMU Brands are passionate about functional, practical, and innovative products.


Based in the heart of Manchester, DOMU Brands is one of the fastest-growing retailers in the UK, offering the latest in affordable innovation for home, kitchen, bedroom, and garden spaces. The lifestyle brand collective combines product innovation, design quality, and competitive pricing to provide an unparalleled level of service for customers across the globe.

DOMU Brands began selling online in marketplaces in 2008, eventually opening their own eCommerce store in 2013. Since then, they’ve been consistently refining their digital strategy by focusing on developing their eCommerce channel.

UGC is a no-brainer for brand validation and ultimately helps build the relationship with your customers. The modern consumer knows there are opinions and photos out there about the product they’re looking to buy, and they expect that content to be interlinked with the buying journey.
PJ Utsi
PJ Utsi
CCO and Co-Founder, Vaimo
Uplift in conversions
for visitors that engage with reviews and visual UGC


The DOMU Brands umbrella extends to a wide range of consumers, with for all things home, garden, and kitchen, and for beauty storage and furniture. With each appealing to its own target audience, DOMU was looking to take their eCommerce channel to the next level by separating their brands and websites into different domains and increasing overall recognition and trust with new audiences. They sought the help of global full-service omnichannel agency Vaimo to help them achieve their growth objectives.

Prior to working with Vaimo, DOMU Brands were operating a multi-brand site on Magento 1. Having been on this setup for more than five years, the lifestyle brand needed a fresh start on a new platform to reach their eCommerce goals and deliver a more engaging shopping experience for their loyal customers.


DOMU Brands partnered with Vaimo to develop feature-rich Magento Commerce 2 sites for and in record time, transforming the user experience with intuitive browsing, easier navigation, and richer content. On the backend, the new sites led to greater cohesiveness and seamless data sharing between the various teams at DOMU.

With their state-of-the-art sites, the DOMU team looked to take their eCommerce growth even further by improving their branding and increasing buyer trust. Vaimo recommended Yotpo’s Reviews and Visual UGC solutions to help the lifestyle brand collective leverage the power of social proof.

Yotpo’s seamless integration with the Magento Commerce 2 sites enabled DOMU to share authentic customer content through reviews carousels on the Vonhaus and Beautify homepages, as well as in photo galleries on homepages and product pages. Their customized reviews widget allows shoppers to filter reviews to display the ones that contain photos and videos from customers, submitted through review request emails, on social, or directly on the websites.

We’re lucky to have a community of engaged customers that are eager to get in on the conversation and share photos and videos of how they’re using our products. Yotpo gives us a set of tools to allow shoppers to express themselves.
Laura Bradbury
Laura Bradbury
eCommerce Manager, DOMU Brands
More time spent onsite
for customers that engage with UGC
We’re tribal creatures at heart. Build retention by offering customers social proof from their peers, and allow them to contribute to your brand experience with ratings and reviews that others will trust.
PJ Utsi
CCO and Co-Founder, Vaimo