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Patricks increases subscriptions AOV and slashes subscriber churn by 29%

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Patricks is a top-tier men's grooming brand recognised for its high-performance skincare and haircare solutions. Having been at the forefront of men’s grooming since 2013, the renowned Australian brand combines science and luxury to offer sophisticated grooming experiences to customers across the globe.


Main Takeaways
Without personalisation, Patricks was only able to offer subscribers a generic subscription experience, leading to dissatisfaction and poor engagement.
Not being user friendly and a lack of flexibility in subscription management caused pain not just to the Patricks team but also for their shoppers.
Patricks struggled with fragmented data spread across multiple platforms, preventing them from getting a comprehensive view of customers in one place.
Growing operational inefficiencies compelled the brand to consolidate its tech stack and integrate loyalty, reviews, and subscriptions for streamlined operations and effective strategic retention.

Turning first-time shoppers into loyal customers for life hinges on two things: consistently delivering personalised experiences tailored to customers’ unique journeys – and ensuring it all looks and feels as seamless as possible. For Australian men’s grooming brand, Patricks, the disjointed, disconnected nature of their retention stack was actively preventing them from doing both.

Patricks relied on a combination of Smile.io for Loyalty, Growave for Reviews, and Recharge to drive subscriptions. But with key pieces of customer data stranded in different platforms, getting a comprehensive view of customers easily, in one place, wasn’t always possible. This hindered their ability to personalise interactions, running the risk of communicating with first-time shoppers and loyal subscribers the same way. Internally, continued reliance on these disparate systems negatively impacted team efficiency and made things like optimisation tracking gradually more complicated.

Already experiencing significant pain with Recharge, Patricks decided to explore an alternative solution after seeing consistently low engagement on their subscription program – specifically for products in their hair loss category, which brought in more than 60% of their revenue. Overhauling their subscriptions experience became an urgent need for Patricks who were keen to put subscriptions at the core of their business.

Aligning their subscriptions strategy with their loyalty program held the key to strengthening their retention efforts. However, the disconnected nature of their stack meant that this was fraught with challenges. To ensure that the exacting standards that went into creating their products also extended to the broader customer experience, Patricks sought out a unified, user-friendly solution that seamlessly blended loyalty, reviews, and subscriptions into a coherent and streamlined experience for their customers.

Lucas Seixas, Patricks

”Some of our formulations need to be used for about 6 months before customers can start seeing results. So our biggest challenge was to stop customers churning before that point. ”

Patricks logo Lucas Seixas, Head of Customer Service and Support


Main Takeaways
The seamless migration from Recharge to Yotpo with no data loss or downtime exceeded expectations for Patricks and set the tone for their journey ahead.
The brand noticed an immediate improvement in the user experience for subscribers and increased operational efficiency for their team after migrating to Yotpo Subscriptions. Yotpo’s user-friendly interface simplified management tasks and streamlined processes, contributing to a smoother overall experience.
Establishing a robust subscription strategy that leverages their loyalty program proved pivotal. Subscribers now benefit from easy point redemption on upcoming subscription orders, fostering longer-term commitments and enhancing overall customer satisfaction with Patricks products.
Ongoing support from the Yotpo team focused on leveraging cross-product synergies is enabling Patricks to deploy effective retention tactics for long-term success. This is especially crucial as the business looks to put subscriptions at its operational core.

Yotpo has been able to deliver for Patricks from day dot. Seamlessly migrating from Recharge to Yotpo Subscriptions without any data loss or downtime exceeded Patricks’ expectations, giving the team optimism about the possibilities ahead.

Internally, switching to Yotpo saw Patricks experience operational ease almost immediately. Their teams are able to work a lot more efficiently with far fewer applications to manage in the backend. Plus, being able to see customer loyalty, reviews, and subscription data in one place allows them to engage customers with more personalised interactions.

If consolidating a disjointed stack to deliver seamless, personalised experiences efficiently was the goal, then getting subscriptions and loyalty to work together is the cornerstone of the Patricks success story. Giving subscribers the opportunity to redeem loyalty points on upcoming subscription orders reduced friction significantly and incentivised customers to keep their subscriptions active. Since switching to Yotpo, Patricks has been able to get much more strategic around increasing loyalty, boosting AOV, fostering long-term commitment and more.

For Patricks, a winning subscriptions program was about more than just maximising repeat sales. Haircare and skincare is a long game. And with most of their products requiring up to six months of continuous use for best results, the challenge was to get customers to stick with the product long enough to see results.

Yotpo Subscriptions allows Patricks to remove any barriers preventing customers from having a continuous supply of their favourite products, increasing their likelihood of seeing results, which, in turn, drives belief in the brand.

Finally, the ongoing support from the Yotpo team, especially strategic guidance on leveraging Yotpo’s cross-product synergies to deploy high impact retention tactics, has proved invaluable for the Aussie brand setting a new bar for men’s grooming.

Patricks mock up
Lucas Seixas, Patricks

”As we build our business around subscriptions, Yotpo will play a key role in not just helping us grow our subscribers, but offer them personalised experiences that make them want to stay subscribed and, hopefully, turn into brand advocates.”

Patricks logo Lucas Seixas, Head of Customer Service and Support


Main Takeaways
24% increase to subscriptions AOV
57% increase to subscriptions GMV share of total revenue
29% decrease in Subscriptions Churn Rate

The remarkable results that Patricks achieved with Yotpo Subscriptions only came about because of their decision to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency in the first place.

With a streamlined platform that consolidates loyalty, reviews, and subscriptions data, Patricks is well-positioned to deliver a more unified customer experience. What’s more, with all the customer data in one place, they’ll be able to show first time shoppers the love they need, and give their best customers the rewards they deserve. The 24% surge in AOV for subscriptions over the past three months is indicative of more than just a revenue boost. It shows that Patricks customers see more value in being Patricks subscribers.

Also worth noting is the share of revenue driven by subscriptions. Patricks saw a 57% spike in the Subscriptions GMV since switching to Yotpo. Meanwhile, strategically bringing together subscriptions and loyalty has had a significant impact on retention, decreasing subscriptions churn by as much as 29%.

Luxas Seixas, Patricks

”These numbers are really promising. Our subscriber base is already responding positively to the level of personalisation we’re now able to create. As we continue to leverage Yotpo’s cross-product synergies, we’re confident that our new subscriptions program will help us go from strength to strength.”

Patricks logo Lucas Seixas, Head of Customer Service and Support

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