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Retail Brand Ripple Foods Sees Remarkable Success with Yotpo Subscriptions

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Ripple Foods is a leading choice for dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free milk alternatives that balance nutrition and flavor. With "Ripple: Good for you, good for our world" as their ethos, they're committed to sustainability, believing even small choices can drive change. Trusted in supermarkets and online, Ripple Foods offers a path to better choices.


Main Takeaways
Before finding Yotpo, Ripple Foods knew subscriptions would be a good fit for their business, but had concerns over integration capabilities along with the time and resources that would be needed to launch a subscription program.
The company struggled to effectively engage customers and cultivate loyalty using essential features like reviews and loyalty programs.
Ripple Foods needed a platform that prioritizes intuitive and user-friendly subscription management.
Without a robust subscription service, Ripple Foods missed out on the recurring revenue potential that subscriptions can unlock.

Before Ripple Foods landed on Yotpo Subscriptions, the team had some concerns about implementing a subscription program. Integrating subscriptions into their eCommerce tech stack was like piecing together a complex puzzle. It drained valuable time and resources, causing delays in offering customers the subscription options they craved.

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This was causing Ripple Foods to miss out on opportunities to engage customers and build loyalty. The brand was already seeing success with Yotpo Reviews and Yotpo Loyalty but they were missing a key piece that could bring both tools together and strongly impact retention.

In addition, Ripple Foods had a vision of a user-friendly subscription management tool that would save them time and allow them to set up subscription plans and manage them in an easy way.


Main Takeaways
Ripple Foods dove headfirst into Yotpo Subscriptions' user-friendly admin and management tools. They effortlessly configured and customized their selling plans, eliminating friction from the process. Moreover, whenever a customer required adjustments to their subscription, Ripple Foods' team executed these changes effortlessly, ensuring a smooth customer experience.
To enhance customer engagement and loyalty, the brand integrated Yotpo Subscriptions with Yotpo Loyalty. This synergy enabled customers to redeem their loyalty points directly within the customer portal.
Yotpo's intuitive tools weren't just reserved for merchants; they extended to subscribers as well. The user-friendly customer portal empowered Ripple Foods' subscribers with easy navigation and comprehensive management options. This positive subscriber experience fostered a strong connection to the brand, nurturing loyalty and positive sentiment among subscribers.

Ripple Foods boldly embarked on their Yotpo Subscriptions journey, immersing themselves in its user-friendly admin and management tools. With precision and ease, they crafted customized selling plans that incentivize customers to embrace subscriptions. Furthermore, the Ripple Foods team effortlessly handled any customer adjustments, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience for subscribers.

Recognizing the importance of engagement and loyalty, Ripple Foods seamlessly integrated Yotpo Subscriptions with Yotpo Loyalty. This powerful partnership allowed customers to redeem their loyalty points directly within the customer portal. The result was a newfound simplicity that delighted customers, strengthening their bond with the brand.

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But it wasn't just about the merchant's experience. Yotpo's intuitive tools extended their reach to subscribers themselves. Through an inviting customer portal, Ripple Foods' subscribers navigated their subscriptions with ease, enjoying a plethora of user-friendly management options. This positive subscriber experience fostered a profound connection with the brand, nurturing loyalty and sentiment among subscribers, turning them into enthusiastic advocates of Ripple Foods.

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”We wanted a subscription service that integrated seamlessly with Yotpo's loyalty and reviews. In under 9 months, subscriptions accounted for 30% of sales, with subscribers enjoying a 20% higher AOV. Yotpo has been an invaluable partner in scaling our business and elevating the partner and customer experience.”

Chelsie Arvizu - Director of eCommerce Chelsie Arvizu, Director of eCommerce


Main Takeaways
Subscriptions now make up 30% of Ripple Foods' sales, showcasing the substantial shift towards recurring revenue and the impact of Yotpo Subscriptions.
Subscribers show a 20% higher AOV than non-subscribers, indicating a higher adoption to other products and higher commitment to the brand.
In just two weeks, Ripple Foods successfully launched a robust and comprehensive subscriptions program, maximizing time to value and enabling a completely new revenue channel in no time.

In just two weeks, Ripple Foods successfully launched a subscription both the brand and their shoppers enjoy using. With Yotpo, managing subscriptions became a breeze.

As they ventured into the world of recurring revenue, they discovered the potential they had been missing out on. Subscriptions quickly became a significant part of their sales with over 40% of total sales attributed to subscriptions.

Loyal subscribers had a 20% higher average order value, showcasing how much more bought into the brand they are. Ripple Foods had found a partner in Yotpo, not just in scaling their business but in enhancing both the brand and customer experience.


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