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Hero Bread and Wpromote build a customer-obsessed SMS strategy with Yotpo

Hero Bread
Food icon Food
Platform Shopify Plus
Location USA
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Product logo / Logo / Reviews Reviews
Product logo / Logo / Loyalty Loyalty & Referrals
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Hero Bread launched in early 2022 with a passion to deliver a new generation of bread for the health-conscious consumer. With 0g-1g net carbs, 0g sugar, and fewer calories than the conventional variety, their business quickly ramped and attracted adoring customers.


Main Takeaways
As a new eCommerce brand, Hero Bread faced challenging customer acquisition costs.
They needed a way to turn their existing customers into loyal brand advocates.
The brand knew they needed to personalize communication to customers and effectively convey the value of their product and unique offerings.

Entering the D2C eCommerce industry in a competitive environment, and already facing competition by selling on Amazon, the bread company encountered the hurdle of high customer acquisition costs. This made it difficult to reach a wider audience, expand their customer base, and encourage at least a portion of their Amazon customers to purchase directly from their D2C channel. Additionally, they recognized the importance of activating their existing customers to become brand advocates, as their satisfaction shown through reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations could help drive growth. To further their success, they needed to find a way to personalize their communication to customers, ensuring that they effectively conveyed their unique bread offering and highlighted the attributes that set them apart from competitors.

Man making Hero Bread in kitchen
Christina Blaisdell Oyler, VP of eCommerce at Hero Bread

”We are leveraging Yotpo for three key reasons: to keep existing customers, cultivate existing relationships, and send personalized communications.”

Hero Bread logo Christina Blaisdell Oyler, VP of eCommerce, Hero Bread


Main Takeaways
Hero Bread chose Yotpo’s powerful solutions for collecting and showcasing Reviews and UGC to build their brand reputation through social proof on their new D2C site.
The brand wanted to provide a value exchange to their customers by offering a robust loyalty and referral program knowing that brand loyalty in the category is a challenge.
They tapped digital marketing agency and eComm experts Wpromote to help launch a strong SMS marketing channel with Yotpo that would focus on customer retention, convenience, and promoting the loyalty program.

Understanding the importance of having UGC onsite to help build trust and promote conversion of new customers, Hero Bread partnered with Yotpo to leverage Reviews for optimizing review collection and onsite conversion. What came next was the realization that if they wanted to maintain the foundation of repeat consumers they would need to provide a further value exchange. In addition to their unique product offering, they focused on offering a robust loyalty and referral program to incentivize their customers to shop directly onsite and give their loyal customers an extra bonus when they introduce friends and family to their brand through a referral program.

To enhance their marketing efforts and effectively communicate their offering and the value of the rewards program to customers, they collaborated with Yotpo Managed Services Partner Wpromote, an eCommerce and digital marketing agency, to launch a personalized SMS marketing channel, prioritizing a robust automated flow network and creating engaging messages that would offer convenience and the ultimate personalization to their loyalty members.

Product mockup
Crystal Coba, Email and Lifecycle Marketing, Wpromote

”Loyalty campaigns command some of the highest CTR and conversion rates while retaining low unsubscribe rates. This tells us that customers want to receive these messages from brands.”

Wpromote logo Crystal Coba, Email and Lifecycle Marketing, Wpromote


Main Takeaways
Wpromote leveraged Yotpo’s connected data layer to create a tailored flow network that personalizes messages for loyalty customers.
Focusing on promoting loyalty, Hero Bread sees an impressive amount of added revenue from active loyalty members.
By committing to their strategy of offering a value exchange, the brand has seen a big payoff and consistent growth quarter over quarter.

With the guidance of Wpromote and Yotpo SMS experts, Hero Bread now has a marketing strategy that prioritizes customer retention and the post-purchase experience. With a strong start to leveraging multiple Yotpo subscriber collection tools, the brand quickly had a large base to begin their SMS marketing rollout. The ability to tailor the customer journey gives Hero Bread another way to speak to clients based on their specific data and place in the customer journey. For instance, instead of offering rewards members a 10% off discount in the customer winback flow right away, they use the option to check to see if the customer has enough points in their account to redeem on a purchase and then send them a message prompting them to come back and shop with their loyalty reward.

Automated flows in the customer journey tailored to loyalty customers drives a consistent 127x ROI. Using the Click-to-Redeem functionality within a targeted SMS campaign gives Wpromote and Hero Bread even more revenue-driving power, with an end-of-month campaign promoting loyalty driving 110x ROI. Hero regularly launches VIP-only campaigns or refer-a-friend campaigns that surprise and delight their loyalty members. Their efforts to communicate the rewards program pays off — the brand sees their loyalty redeemers spending an additional $103 on average in a 90-day period compared to someone who has not redeemed in loyalty.

With Hero Bread’s strong commitment to their loyalty customers and unique product offering and Wpromote’s experience and close strategic relationship with Yotpo’s Partner Managers and CSMs, Hero’s sales have soared and consistently see an over 100% increase in orders quarter over quarter.

”Be open to strategy and optimization feedback. Our Yotpo CSM is always coming to us with news of new features, ways to optimize flows, or campaign strategies and we review these tools to make strategic recommendations for our mutual brands.”

Wpromote logo Crystal Coba, Email and Lifecycle Marketing, wPromote

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