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Bubble Doubles Their Review Collection Rate After Switching to Yotpo

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Bubble’s new school skincare is made with plant-powered ingredients for when skin, well, happens. Keeping accessibility top of mind for today’s Gen Z consumers, Bubble ensures that their products are affordable, research-backed, and made without harmful ingredients.


Main Takeaways
While leveraging Okendo for reviews, Bubble wasn’t able to collect as much feedback from their customers due to feature limitations and a lack of support.
Bubble wanted to boost visibility, but there was no strategic way to amplify the reach of their reviews on Google.
Collecting and evaluating reviews content became time-consuming when the Bubble team realized that their data reports had to be pulled manually.

As a small, yet thriving team wearing a lot of different hats, Bubble was eager to make a name for themselves within the skincare industry. However, after partnering with Okendo for reviews, they started to see limitations — their review count remained stagnant due to a lack of innovative features and they had little to no support.

Okendo simply didn’t allow the brand to collect as many reviews as they needed to gain visibility within the market. And because the skincare industry is so competitive, maximizing content collection was ultra-important to Bubble’s brand awareness goals. Nonetheless, without enough reviews, Bubble couldn't make an impact on Google searches or amplify their Google Ads with their customer content.

And with the few reviews Bubble did collect with Okendo, there was no easy way to gain insights with their data reporting structure. All reports from Okendo's platform had to be pulled manually — adding more to their already full plates.

Bubble Exfoliating Mask
Emma Standing of Bubble Skincare

”Okendo had less support, and with a small team wearing a lot of different hats, we needed a support team that was knowledgeable and able to strategize. ”

Bubble Logo Emma Standing , Head of Customer Experience & eCommerce


Main Takeaways
After partnering with Yotpo, Bubble maximized their review collection strategy with help from a dedicated Customer Success team, In-Mail technology, and Yotpo SMS.
Bubble was able to leverage Yotpo’s official Google partnership to showcase their hard-earned reviews and star ratings within their Google Ads to impact search.
The brand also benefited from Yotpo’s automated data reporting and insights allowing them to track progress.

Realizing that they needed a more strategic eCommerce marketing partner, Bubble partnered with Yotpo to increase their review collection rate and transform their day-to-day operations in a seamless way.

Yotpo’s Customer Success team provided best practices and strategic advice whenever the Bubble team needed it. And with features such as Yotpo’s In-Mail Review Submissions, Bubble collected post-purchase feedback from their shoppers directly via email. Once the brand connected Yotpo Reviews with Yotpo SMS, they started collecting even more feedback by sending review requests via text.

The 2-in-1 Review Requests feature simplified the process of collecting both product and site reviews through one email flow. With enough site reviews to adhere to Google’s Seller Ratings quota, Bubble also made an impact on search and brand discovery by adding their star ratings to their Google Ads.

With Yotpo’s automated reports, Bubble could also keep track of how many reviews they were collecting, their engagement rates, and the number of reviews live on their site.

A Review Request from Bubble Sent via SMS
Emma Standing of Bubble Skincare

”Yotpo’s In-Mail Review Submissions and overall in-house capabilities blew Okendo out the water. In order to have true functionality with Okendo, we’d need to use our email provider — nothing was truly their software, only a third-party integration.”

Bubble Logo Emma Standing , Head of Customer Experience & eCommerce


Main Takeaways
Bubble doubled their monthly number of reviews with Yotpo.
After leveraging Yotpo Reviews and SMS together, the brand saw a 66% higher conversion rate with review requests sent via text.
Yotpo’s official Google partnership helped Bubble reach their Google Seller Ratings quota of 100 reviews within 90 days.

Yotpo’s dedicated and supportive Customer Success team allowed Bubble to get up and running with Reviews quickly to collect as much user-generated content as possible. This led Bubble to double the number of reviews they collected each month — making them more competitive within their industry.

Syncing Yotpo Reviews with Yotpo SMS also helped the brand collect more feedback and impact their conversion. Overall, Bubble saw a 66% higher conversion rate with review requests sent via SMS.

Plus, with Yotpo’s support and strategic advice, the brand also gained visibility and created more brand awareness on Google with assistance from Yotpo’s official Google partnership. In just 90 days, Bubble collected the 100 reviews they needed to meet Google’s Seller Ratings quota.

As a result of this increase in review collection and visibility, Bubble saw more engagement from their customers which allowed them to build trust and enthusiasm with new customers.

Emma Standing of Bubble Skincare

”Reviews help us not only acquire customers, but keep them in our community because we can directly address their feedback and insights.”

Bubble Logo Emma Standing , Head of Customer Experience & eCommerce

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