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Nuun Triples CLTV With LiveArea, a Merkle Company, & Yotpo

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Nuun is a lifestyle brand dedicated to providing simple, low-calorie sports nutrition drinks to athletes and fitness enthusiasts.


Main Takeaways
Like many retail-based brands, 2020 fundamentally changed how Nuun did business. To boost their D2C growth and customer engagement, Nuun partnered with LiveArea, a Merkle Company, and Yotpo to create a strategic loyalty & referrals program that captivated consumers.
After collecting data about their customer base, Nuun realized about 87% of their shoppers were making only one or two purchases.
Nuun then analyzed the 13% of shoppers who were making repeat purchases and concluded that they returned for — and valued — product quality and brand community. Nuun needed to provide this value to all shoppers to boost their customer retention rate.
Taking all this information into account, Nuun knew their loyalty & referrals program needed to attract new shoppers and reinforce an emotional connection to the brand through shared values.
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Peter Giersch

”Having trusted relationships with innovative, best-of-breed partners like Yotpo is key to our ability to grow our loyalty & referrals practice, anticipate client requirements, and help them accelerate their digital businesses.”

LiveArea Logo Peter Giersch, Senior Vice President of Global Alliances


Main Takeaways
Assessing Nuun’s main goals — increasing customer retention, solidifying customers’ emotional connection, and growing D2C business — LiveArea, a Merkle Company, leveraged Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals to build Nuun+, a tiered, points-based program.
To combat their low repeat purchase rate, Nuun rewarded product subscriptions; shoppers earned 200 points for five subscription renewals.
To build trust around their product quality, Nuun offered points for writing in-depth reviews and referring friends.
And to nurture their growing community, the brand incentivized engaging with educational content. Branded newsletters, blog posts and Nuun’s social channels became essential tools for community engagement.
Nuun loyalty and rewards program


Main Takeaways
Over 70% of Nuun+ members have made repeat purchases within six months of joining the program, completely overturning the 13% repeat purchase rate the brand previously saw.
By focusing on education in the program, Nuun’s core values better resonated with customers — ultimately driving brand affinity and trust.
Yotpo and LiveArea, a Merkle Company, helped Nuun deliver clear value to their shoppers — through community, a shared value around performance nutrition, and rewards for their repeat business.
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”This engagement demonstrates the importance of an agile and innovative approach to performance marketing. We are helping Nuun drive even greater success in their digital and direct-to-consumer channels, and we’re proud to be deepening our relationship with this dynamic brand. ”

LiveArea logo Jim Butler, Executive Vice President and General Manager

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