Medelita Powers Their Brand With Visual Social Proof

  • Industry
    Medical Apparel, Fashion
  • Platform & Agency
    Platform & Agency
    Magento 2 & Digital Operative
  • Challenge
    Creating a sense of brand community and showcasing high-quality visual social proof on-site
  • Solution
    Collect customer photos via multiple channels for maximum content and present the most relevant visual UGC throughout the buyer journey
  • Results
    15% increase in conversion rate on category pages after deploying UGC galleries and over 100 customer photos uploaded on-site in just one week
Founded in 2008 by Lara Francisco, Medelita is the first direct-to-consumer, elite medical apparel brand.


While working as an emergency medicine physician assistant, Lara set out to redefine the industry standard by launching the first direct-to-consumer medical apparel brand. Since its launch, Medelita has earned a cult-like, loyal following among medical professionals. With a passion for providing her colleagues with the highest-quality, comfortable, functional, and stylish performance medical apparel, Lara founded Medelita and based the brand philosophy on innovation and top-notch service. Today Medelita offers impeccably tailored, hand-embroidered lab coats, redefined scrub jackets, and cutting edge scrubs all available on 

Dedicated to customer satisfaction, the brand is “so confident in the product” that they offer “a full 365-day guarantee and a 30-day free returns window.” As a result, their brand community is firmly loyal and engaged, and their business has grown exponentially – in triple digits year over year.

Medelita have worked with Yotpo partners Digital Operative for their e-commerce design and development and they have built their site on the Magento platform.

“What better way to promote our products than to showcase our customers wearing them? Displaying shopper photos reinforces that they are the most important part of our community."
Dan Stepchew
Dan Stepchew
Chief eCommerce Officer
Increase in Conversion Rate
On Category Pages with UGC Galleries


“There is an evident strong sense of camaraderie within the tight-knit medicinal field,” explained Chief eCommerce Officer Dan Stepchew. Medelita wanted to bring this camaraderie on site by creating a sense of community and displaying social proof. Medelita recognized that user-generated content was the most effective and powerful way to accomplish this goal. Stepchew said, “having UGC on your site is one of those boxes you absolutely have to check.”

However, they were faced with the challenge of presenting both high-quality and relevant content. Firstly, soliciting visual content would require some creativity – they would need to make their scrubs and lab coats photo-worthy. And secondly, since they have multiple product lines and categories, which have the duality of selling to both men and women, Medelita needed to collect a wide array of customer photos that were product-specific.  

Customer photos uploaded
In just one week


Medelita utilized Yotpo’s Visual Marketing Suite to engage their customer community and effectively collect and display customer photos across their entire site. They collected shopper photos through multiple sources, including curating images from Instagram, requesting photos along with reviews, and on-site through a photo contest. Medelita creatively held a contest, inviting their customers to upload photos of themselves and their friends wearing Medelita healthcare apparel through Yotpo’s “two-click on-site photo submission.”

Medelita then managed and moderated all of the content collected through one single platform and impactfully presented only the best and most relevant photos across their website. This includes their homepage, product pages, category pages, and even a dedicated photo collection page. Medelita created category-specific galleries to easily manage and showcase suitable content, a prime example being their ‘Lab Coats for Women’ gallery, which valuably displays only relevant photos of females donning their lab coats. These galleries are constantly updated with their loyal customers’ photos to ensure fresh, up-to-date content that helps positively influence purchase decisions.

“Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for feedback from your customers. The more you reach out, the more success you’ll have with loyalty, retention, and engagement – customers want to be involved.”
Dan Stephchew
Chief eCommerce Officer