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Customer-Centric Success: UMZU's Journey with Yotpo Subscriptions

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UMZU, a pioneering supplements brand, is at the forefront of the wellness industry. Rooted in nature, supported by rigorous scientific research, and tailored to meet individual needs, UMZU offers a diverse range of vitamins and supplements. Their mission revolves around breakthrough blends and science-backed products.


Main Takeaways
UMZU aimed to make subscriptions their primary revenue driver, but their previous subscription provider posed substantial challenges. The portal limitations complicated subscription management, and a lack of Shopify native integration hindered their efficiency.
UMZU's interactions with their previous provider were marked by communication issues and unresponsiveness, impacting their subscription scaling goals.
A disjointed tech stack and several customer success managers from various providers operated independently, creating disconnected experiences. In addition, these siloed tools lacked a holistic understanding of UMZU's retention strategy.

UMZU had a clear objective in mind – to make subscriptions their main revenue driver. However, the brand's previous provider presented considerable obstacles, affecting both the UMZU team and their loyal subscribers. The lack of a native integration with Shopify surfaced issues such as the inability to create a single coupon code that could be applied to subscriptions. UMZU also lacked the ability to pull their product catalog to simply add new products to subscriptions selling plans.

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The minimal service and communication issues further hampered UMZU's subscription scaling efforts. Deficiencies in proactive service disrupted their ability to implement growth strategies and solve day-to-day issues.

The complexities extended to their tech stack, where disconnection between platforms created disjointed experiences for UMZU's team and their shoppers. A fragmented ecosystem led to team members investing over six hours weekly to navigate the disjointed systems. The lack of cohesive communication among CSMs from different providers left them without a comprehensive understanding of UMZU's issues and retention strategy.

Robert Walker, UMZU

”At first, I had my doubts about the speed and success of migrating to Yotpo Subscriptions, but it far exceeded my expectations! The Yotpo team efficiently handled our migration, and the support and white-glove service from Yotpo's dedicated strategists have truly paved the way for our subscriptions strategy's success. With Yotpo Subscriptions in tandem with the other Yotpo products, we are now on a path to surpassing the combined functionalities of our previous providers and are excited to significantly amplify the impact of our subscription program. Overall, we are extremely happy with the execution of the migration and the continued support we receive from the Yotpo team!”

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Main Takeaways
UMZU's path to success hinged on consolidating five separate providers and migrating their solutions to Yotpo.
Relaunching subscriptions with Yotpo gives UMZU the intuitive tools they crave for their team and customers. Yotpo Subscriptions was built to make the subscription process smoother and more user-friendly for both the shopper and the merchant.
Yotpo Subscriptions provided UMZU with a level of support that made a night-and-day difference. In addition to a powerful subscription management solution, the brand now has a dedicated CSM team providing strategic guidance for sustainable success.

UMZU's journey from challenges to solutions involved a strategic approach centered on consolidation of their fragmented tools. The migration process encompassed their departure from five separate providers and the consolidation into the Yotpo Platform. This transition was characterized by seamless onboarding and a white glove service experience. It not only simplified their operations but also ensured holistic coordination through improved communication among CSMs.

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Yotpo Subscriptions played a pivotal role in UMZU's success story, enabling them to make subscriptions the primary focus of their revenue strategy. The tool offered an intuitive and user-friendly experience for both their team and customers, ultimately preventing unnecessary churn. Customers were educated about the flexibility of skipping, modifying, or delaying subscriptions, making their journey with UMZU more enjoyable and trustworthy.


Main Takeaways
UMZU's subscriptions email campaign yield 137x ROI.
79% of total GMV supported by Yotpo Subscriptions in 10 days.
Smooth migration with zero data loss.

After relaunching with Yotpo, UMZU launched an email campaign promoting their subscription offerings, the campaign yielded an outstanding 137x ROI, coupled with an impressive 49% open rate.

In the first 10 days following the migration, 79% of UMZU's total GMV was supported by Yotpo Subscriptions, firmly establishing it as a pivotal revenue channel.

The seamless migration process, facilitated by Yotpo's white glove service, efficiently transferred over hundreds of thousands of subscription contracts within a matter of hours, with zero data loss. This collaborative success story showcases the substantial impact of Yotpo Subscriptions in redefining UMZU's subscription strategy, ensuring its seamless management, and enhancing the overall customer experience, ultimately propelling UMZU's subscription revenue to new heights.


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