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Jill & Ally Launch Yotpo Subscriptions and Increase CLTV by 51%

Jill & Ally candle club
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Jill & Ally is a fashion and lifestyle brand co-founded by Jill Zarin of "The Real Housewives of New York City" and her daughter Ally Shapiro. Leveraging their cult following and creative ideas, Jill & Ally partnered with Yotpo to launch a subscription-based candle club.


Main Takeaways
With such a niche product, Jill & Ally knew retaining customers would be a challenge. They were looking for a hook that would keep their customers coming back again and again.
The brand believed subscriptions would be a heavy and costly lift for their web team, so they put it off knowing they were missing out on recurring revenue.
Jill & Ally products

Ally first started with hand-made tie-dye masks that took off during COVID. However, due to the nature of their small-batch masks, it was difficult for the team to create a consistent product to sell. The brand needed to find ways to drive repeat purchases and maintain retention.

Ally and Jill thought about exploring a “monthly club” to tackle this issue and maintain a consistent client base, but after speaking to the web team, it seemed impossible due to the time and costs of creating it.

A subscription offering was deemed off the books — until they learned about Yotpo’s instant onboarding.

Photo of Ally Shapiro - CMO of Jill & Ally

”We have a web team, and we wanted to do subscriptions, but at the time it was very costly and would be time-consuming and we would have had to pay them a lot of money to build it.”

Jill & Ally company logo Ally Shapiro, CMO


Main Takeaways
With an approximate return customer rate of 87%, subscriptions became a no-brainer as a next step.
Onboarding was done so instantly and seamlessly that the team was extremely impressed with the amount of time it saved.
The flexible nature of Yotpo Subscriptions made it easy to add to any product and also easy to test new and innovative ideas to see what works for their brand.

After onboarding with Yotpo, Jill & Ally were able to launch in less than a day with no additional dev cost, saving them time and money. The time saved was put back into testing different products to see what kind of subscriptions would resonate with their customers.

Jill & ally Crystal Candle Club

With a deep understanding of their customers, the brand pivoted to candles and launched the Crystal Candle Club. The subscription club cycles through an assortment of scents and crystals based on the season.

Subscribers have the flexibility to manage their account with ease, deciding how often they would like to receive new candles. It’s this flexibility paired with their unique products that have made the candle club such a success.

”The Yotpo Subscriptions integration is great. Our web team was really, really impressed and this is far beyond anything that we've had before. Onboarding was seamless!”

Jill & Ally company logo Ally Shapiro, CMO


Main Takeaways
The Crystal Candle Club is seeing 20% higher average order value (AOV) than one-time purchases.
Launching the candle club has increased their return customer rate by 100%.

Despite the regret of not being able to launch a subscriptions program sooner, the brand is super happy to have found a solution that not only allowed them to drive revenue for the business but also connect more deeply with their customers.

Ally and her team are incredibly happy with how fast and easy subscriptions were integrated onto their site. They love how seamlessly it runs in the background for both themselves and their loyal customers.

”We can already see an increase in our customer lifetime value because our customers are bought in!”

Jill & Ally company logo Ally Shapiro, CMO

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