Ministry of Supply Doubles Referral Revenue By Adding Loyalty

  • Industry
  • Platform & integrations
    Platform & integrations
    Shopify Plus
  • Challenge
    Building a stronger connection with customers with a more engaging referral solution
  • Solution
    Adding a loyalty program to their referrals solution to build brand advocacy
  • Results
    Doubled referral revenue since adding a loyalty program, and developed a base of highly engaged VIP customers who accounted for 52% of referrals
Minimizing their carbon footprint while maximizing your cool factor, Ministry of Supply creates scientifically better dress clothes.


Eight years ago, Ministry of Supply was created by MIT students looking for dress clothes they actually wanted to wear. After launching on Kickstarter, the brand expanded their line of science-backed apparel with dress clothes made with the comfortable materials used in athletic wear. 

Sweat-proof, flexible, and machine-washable, Ministry of Supply’s clothes are built to withstand the demands of a workday (including a workout). To prove just how comfortable the brand’s dress clothes are, founder Gihan Amarasiriwardena has even run an entire half marathon in the Aviator 2 Suit, breaking the Guinness World Record for “fastest half marathon in a suit” in the process!

We have great customer relationships, and we needed a way to market that to our shoppers while showing our best customers how much we appreciate having them in our community.
Dan Weisman
Dan Weisman
VP of Marketing
Referral revenue
since adding a loyalty program


As Ministry of Supply continued to expand their clothing line, they looked to their community to grow their customer base. “Word of mouth has always been big,” said Dan Weisman, VP of Marketing. “We’ve always tried to reward our customers for being loyal and recommending the brand to their friends.” Service has been important for the brand, too, but they were missing a loyalty program that could successfully reward customers with the top-notch service Ministry of Supply is known for.

Ministry of Supply wanted to create a referral program that could successfully bring new customers into their community. But, without building deeper relationships with customers and rewarding them for their commitment to the brand, few customers were motivated to make referrals, even if they were satisfied with the products and service they’d received. “We weren’t wild about the referrals program we had,” says Weisman. “We needed a solution that could help us build the brand love and advocacy that reflects our exceptional customer service.

Everyone makes the decision to shop online with certain companies. If you’re choosing to shop with us, it shows that you value the product and service that only Ministry of Supply can provide. It’s critical that service is a core of our loyalty offering.
Dan Weisman
Dan Weisman
VP of Marketing


To better engage new and existing customers, Ministry of Supply partnered with Yotpo to build a loyalty program that would serve as a foundation for stronger customer advocacy. The loyalty program uses VIP tier perks that prioritize customer experience and service. Their strategy includes service-based benefits, such as expedited shipping and direct concierge access, that drive more frequent purchases — empowering their most engaged customers to also become their most valuable

“We wanted to do something for our loyal customers without handing out discounts,” says Weisman. “Service is one of the pillars of our brand, so now we reward our loyal customers with an even more exceptional level of attention.” Their loyalty program now pairs with their premiere level of customer service, known as the Concierge Program, both in store and online. High-value loyalty members receive exclusive perks, like hands-on connections with the service team, early access to product launches, and additional insider information.

And, Ministry of Supply loyalty members receive additional rewards for making referrals — incentivizing sharing the brand with friends, growing the community, and ultimately resulting in higher revenue.

of referrals
driven by VIP customers
For brands looking to boost brand advocacy, combining loyalty and referrals programs makes so much sense. We’ve built an engaged brand community, and they can easily share their excitement with friends. The compounding value of both solutions is essential to our growth.
Dan Weisman
VP of Marketing