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Fat and the Moon Increases Retention 100% With Yotpo Email

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When Rachel Budde noticed plants growing through the cracks in New York City’s sidewalks 11 years ago, she embarked on a journey to create herbal body products inspired by this environment. Now with Fat and the Moon, she’s bringing this natural, plant-based body care to the masses.


Main Takeaways
Fat and the Moon experienced significant brand growth during the COVID-19 eCommerce boom, but maintaining that growth post-COVID has been a challenge.
With a small team wearing multiple hats, Fat and the moon was looking to consolidate their tech stack and put an emphasis on their retention marketing.
Fat and the Moon’s original email provider wasn’t meeting expectations, offering little support and lacking a clear strategy to help the brand maintain their growth.
In order to retain their current customer base, they needed a new provider that could help them achieve these retention goals without compromising on revenue and ROI.

Like many eCommerce brands, Fat and the Moon experienced significant growth during the COVID-19 pandemic as a result of the huge shift towards online shopping. But as more consumers return to stores and multichannel shopping becomes the norm, it has been a challenge for the brand to maintain that growth. This isn’t the only obstacle Fat and the Moon is facing today — skyrocketing customer acquisition costs have made it more expensive to gain new customers, while the brand’s intimate team of marketers have to wear multiple hats to support the business's success.

As this small team handles everything from email and SMS marketing to paid media and budgeting, Fat and the Moon needed a reliable partner that could provide hands-on assistance, strategy guidance, and prompt solutions to any day-to-day issues they encountered. Their original email partner, though well respected in the space, was failing to deliver.

“They position themselves as the creme de la creme of email providers, but there was zero human support,” says Kelsey Davis, Marketing Operations Manager at Fat and the Moon. “For simple troubleshooting and simple tasks that could be answered, it would take days to get a response from their team. There was no help or strategy.”

Brown bottle of Fat and the Moon mermaid mask

Since email marketing is one of Fat and the Moon’s strongest marketing channels, the brand was not content with settling for unsatisfactory service. But switching providers seemed like a risk too — they had to make sure there would be no interruption to their revenue and that they would continue to see their expected, if not greater, ROI.

The Yotpo platform offered them that. With the rest of the brand’s tech stack already on Yotpo, it was the perfect opportunity for Fat and the Moon to migrate to Yotpo Email and enjoy the benefits of a truly unified platform experience.

Kelsey Davis headshot

”It’s been a super seamless transition. Our costs have gone down by 68% and we get to work with lovely humans every week. It's been great to work with a team that truly holds your hand.”

Fat and the Moon logo Kelsey Davis, Marketing Operations Manager


Main Takeaways
Fat and the Moon consolidated their tech stack with the Yotpo Platform, choosing Yotpo Email for a seamless migration, expert service, and outstanding features that would keep email a top-performing channel.
Not only has Fat and the Moon saved 68% by switching, but they have also been able to mitigate acquisition costs and maximize email performance through advanced personalization capabilities that keep customers coming back.
Thanks to the white glove support of their dedicated Yotpo Email Strategist, the brand has discovered new top-performing strategies, like how to take a multichannel approach to email and SMS marketing.
Fat and the Moon uses Yotpo’s advanced loyalty segmentation and pre-built custom email templates to expertly target loyalty members with relevant messaging that increases program participation.

After deciding to make the switch to Yotpo Email, Fat and the Moon not only experienced an effortless migration but also quickly saw substantial cost savings, as well as a significant improvement in service. Kelsey says, “It was super seamless. I was blown away by how the team held my hands replicating all of the past flows from our previous provider, giving advice on strategies. Things were essentially built for me, which was really incredible.”

Given the increased costs of customer acquisition, Fat and the Moon’s number one priority for their email strategy was to focus on retention — building a strong community and nurturing their existing customer relationships. It was important for their team to establish direct, personalized communications that would make customers feel special, as though the brand were talking directly to them. With Yotpo’s single view of the customer and advanced segmentation capabilities, Fat and the Moon has been able to do just that, creating targeted campaigns for specific groups of customers that feel both personal and unique. Whether they are segmenting by a customer’s loyalty program status, VIP tier, or points balance, Fat and the Moon’s emails now better resonate with their audience.

A text message and email from Fat and the Moon

“The segmentation and understanding of the customer I now get with Yotpo is beyond what I’ve ever had before, even though my previous email provider prides themselves on being a CDP and offering all my customer data,” Kelsey says. “It’s easy now to come in and see, did this customer leave a review? How many purchases have they made? Are they in our loyalty program? Did they open the last email or click on the last text? The consolidation has been a game changer, especially as a lean team managing all of these programs.”

Fat and the Moon has also benefited from the white glove support of their dedicated Yotpo Email Strategist. According to Kelsey, “Our Strategist has a wealth of knowledge and strategy to share,” which has helped the brand adopt a multichannel approach to email and SMS marketing to more effectively engage customers. Their emails in particular really stand out — Kelsey says, “The email templates are just beautiful. They’re super easy and intuitive to use, making our transition that much easier. The integration with Canva and the amount of personalization features makes emails much more unique.”

Not only are their emails more eye-catching than before, which helps set the brand apart in crowded inboxes, but they have improved the brand’s loyalty program too. Loyalty members are now treated to a VIP email experience — they open an email and see a banner that automatically registers their loyalty program status and details. “I love the loyalty banner,” Kelsey says. “Our emails are so personalized, it helps us increase our customer loyalty retention and redemptions. It’s been a game changer for us.”

An email from Fat and the Moon

”I love building emails in Yotpo. I look forward to it because it’s FUN! The drag & drop email editor is so easy and intuitive, and the Canva integration is the cherry on top.”

Fat and the Moon logo Kelsey Davis, Marketing Operations Manager


Main Takeaways
Fat and the Moon has seen 99x ROI from email marketing with Yotpo Email, driven significantly from Yotpo’s powerful email flows.
For $5 spent on automated flows, the brand has made $12,000 in return.
Fat and the Moon is seeing 46x ROI on their SMS and email loyalty redemption flow.
Fat and the Moon’s retention rate has already risen from 29% to 58% since switching to Yotpo Email.

With Fat and the Moon’s entire tech stack now in one place with the Yotpo platform, customer retention is a breeze. “We look at Yotpo as our customer database now,” Kelsey says, "everything is in one place. It’s super easy to come in and see if a customer left a review, how many purchases they’ve made, what they’ve purchased, if they’ve been a part of our loyalty program, which emails they’ve opened... It’s been a game changer as a single person looking at all of this information and data.”

The brand’s email flows have had a dramatic impact as well, helping to drive 99x ROI from Fat and the Moon’s email marketing. “We’ve spent only $5 on our automated email flow and made well over $12,000 from them, without even taking into consideration our email campaigns,” says Kelsey. Fat and the Moon’s SMS and email loyalty redemption flows in particular have been a powerful tool for engaging their most loyal customers, resulting in 46x ROI and a 20% CTR.

Overall, Fat and the Moon’s decision to double down on their retention strategy and migrate their entire marketing tech stack to Yotpo has proven to be a massive success. Prior to Yotpo, their customer retention rate was 29%, but so far for the 2023 year, it’s at 58%! That’s a 100% increase, to which Kelsey says, “It’s really cool to see that type of growth.”

”I don’t know if Yotpo has a secret source in your warming phase or your deliverability, but we are seeing 99x ROI from our email marketing since starting with Yotpo Email.”

Fat and the Moon logo Kelsey Davis, Marketing Operations Manager

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