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Generate tons of reviews quickly and easily and display them on your product pages. We’ll even import your existing reviews. All for free.


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Respond to reviews, answer shopper questions and spread the word to social networks, using our full community and marketing suite.


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Handling 5,000+ orders per month? Our Enterprise package includes a personal account manager and quarterly optimization calls, to make sure your lights always shine bright.

Everything you need to get tons of reviews, traffic and sales

Mail After Purchase

Our Mail After Purchase is the key to converting shoppers into reviewers. We'll automatically email your shoppers, at a set time after purchase, to encourage them to leave reviews. Customers can leave reviews directly within the email, making the process super simple. Typically, 1 out of 100 shoppers will leave a review. With Yotpo, 10 or more out of 100 shoppers will become reviewers.

On-Site Widget

Display your reviews and generate new ones in a beautiful, easily customisable format with the Reviews Widget. Reviews are labeled and sorted by their level of trustworthiness; Reviews from Verified Buyers will show up first, followed by Verified Reviewers and finally Anonymous reviews. This lets your shoppers know they are reading real reviews from real shoppers.

Social Push & Share

With Yotpo’s Social Push you can automatically share reviews on your store’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Our smart sharing engine means we select the best posts to publish on your feeds and the most optimal time to post them. We also make it super-easy for shoppers to share their reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. This means your happy customers can share their great experiences with their friends and followers.


Yotpo makes it really easy to give customers coupons for writing and sharing reviews. This benefits you in two ways: Coupons give existing customers a reason to return to your store, and when reviews are shared on your customers’ social networks, it drives new traffic to your store. Coupons are a powerful, awesome way to incentivize reviews and accelerate traffic and sales.


Reviews are no longer a one-way street. Show your reviewers someone is listening by responding to them. This powerful feature lets you reply to reviews publicly, on site, or privately, via email. Whether you want to thank someone for a kind review, or resolve an issue with a negative one, Commenting opens up the dialogue between you and your shoppers.

Community Q&A

Learn valuable insights and pain points from your customers with Yotpo’s Community Q&A. This feature lets your shoppers get answers about products directly from you or previous buyers. This strengthens trust for new buyers, while bringing past buyers back to your store. It also helps you generate more content for your site and build a community of new and returning shoppers.

We couldn’t be more pleased with Yotpo Premium. We have seen an increase of qualified reviews by more than 2,000%!

Jeff Molle, eCommerce & Marketing Manager at Anna’s Linens

The Nuts & Bolts


  • Reviews Generation
  • MAP emails
  • Importing Existing Reviews
  • Targeted Review Requests
  • Site Reviews Automation
  • On Site
  • Reviews Widget
  • Embedded Widget
  • Star Rating
  • Badges
  • Social
  • Social Push
  • Social Share
  • Facebook Reviews Tab
  • Community & Engagement
  • Commenting on Reviews
  • Community Q&A
  • Marketing and Revenue
  • Promoted Products
  • Coupons
  • SEO Tools
  • Rich Snippets
  • Google Seller Ratings
  • Technical Support and Account Management
  • 24-hour E-ticket Support
  • Priority Support
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Phone Support
  • Quarterly Optimization Review
  • Customization
  • MAP Customization
  • Widget Customization
  • CSS Customization
  • Rich HTML Editor
  • Business Rules
  • E-mail Blacklist


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