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LSKD Increases Review Collection by 340% After Upgrading to Yotpo

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Australian activewear brand LSKD continues to take pride in being ”customer obsessed” when it comes to creating great experiences. Having built a community that shares their brand values of sport, fitness, and adventure, LSKD is committed to providing the highest quality sportswear and streetwear to support their customers' active lifestyles.


Main Takeaways
While partnered with Okendo for reviews, LSKD wasn’t collecting the amount of content they needed to really engage their community.
Okendo’s lack of strategic support made it difficult for the LSKD team to optimize their post-purchase experience and unlock key strategies to collect more customer feedback.
Without enough reviews, it was challenging for the brand to drive repeat purchases and maximize retention.

As an eCommerce brand, LSKD knew how important customer feedback was to their growth. But with their previous reviews provider, Okendo, the brand wasn’t collecting as many reviews as they needed.

A Group of People Running in LSKD Activewear

Plus, without a dedicated success team to provide strategic support, LSKD was unable to optimize their post-purchase experience and drive engagement with Okendo.

The lack of reviews collected made it difficult to encourage LSKD shoppers to return for future purchases, which resulted in lower customer retention rates. And as an eCommerce brand, retention is vital to survival.

James Reu of LSKD

”You can’t create a transactional brand anymore — you can’t be only about the first purchase. Retention has to be top of mind.”

LSKD Logo James Reu, Ecommerce Manager


Main Takeaways
Switching to Yotpo Reviews made it easy for LSKD to focus on collecting engaging and transparent feedback from their customers.
Yotpo’s Customer Success team helped the brand create a strategy for collecting and displaying their best customer content.
LSKD found even more value by connecting Yotpo Reviews with the rest of their marketing tech stack — Yotpo SMS and Loyalty — to boost customer retention.

With help from Yotpo’s Customer Success team, LSKD built out a review collection, engagement, and display strategy that has fostered an environment of two-way communication with customers via SMS.

This enhanced collection and engagement strategy allowed potential customers to see social proof on LSKD’s product pages, and read honest and detailed reviews to inform their purchase decisions.

Review Request from LSKD Sent via SMS

LSKD strengthened their partnership with Yotpo by syncing their Reviews with Yotpo Loyalty and SMS to boost retention. Understanding that retaining a customer starts with an informed first purchase, LSKD was able to leverage Yotpo’s products and diversified engagement channels to focus on their retention marketing goals. And with Reviews and SMS working together, the brand was able to send review requests via text and create more engagement with their shoppers.


Main Takeaways
LSKD saw a 340% increase to their review collection rate after migrating their reviews to Yotpo — collecting as many as 1,000 reviews each week.
By connecting Yotpo Reviews with Yotpo SMS, 39% of LSKD’s reviews were collected via text.
The SMS flow for review requests sent by LSKD has driven 10x ROI.

Since migrating to Yotpo from Okendo, LSKD noted that their review collection has skyrocketed. The brand went from collecting 200 to 300 reviews a week to over 1,000 reviews week over week.

This increased collection rate can be attributed to Yotpo’s capability of sending review requests seamlessly through SMS. In just a few clicks, customers can leave a thorough review and upload related review images directly from their phone. Because of these synergies, 39% of reviews have been collected through the SMS flow. This review request via SMS flow has also proven to be highly valuable, driving 10x ROI.

Social proof has taken the LSKD team even further, allowing them to achieve their retention goals by gathering significant customer feedback, displaying it onsite for future customers, and ultimately, gaining a valuable first purchase.

LSKD also actively responds to reviews and engages with their customers to create that two-way engagement for new and returning shoppers to see. In turn, customers who engage with reviews content onsite are 139% more likely to convert than customers who don’t engage with reviews content.

”In terms of the platform itself [Yotpo], it’s exactly what I envisioned; everything the team needs to optimise our retention strategy and post-purchase experience. The simplicity and ease synergizing the different tools is really easy and efficient.”

LSKD Logo James Reu, Ecommerce Manager

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