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MVMT Disrupts the Watch Industry With Social Proof

  • Industry
    Watches, Accessories
  • Platform & Agency
    Platform & Agency
    Shopify & BVAccel
  • Challenge
    Building sufficient trust to change buying habits and sell watches direct-to-consumer
  • Solution
    Leverage reviews and Q&A to allow shoppers to get trustworthy and authentic answers from past shoppers
  • Results
    Over 30,000+ informative 5 star reviews and 1,350 questions answered for increase trust, credibility and shopper confidence
Entrepreneur Jake Kassan founded MVMT after recognizing a lack of stylish, high-quality but affordable watches in the market.


Jake Kassan had a vision when he and his business partner, Kramer LaPlante, decided to found MVMT in 2013. He was into stylish watches, but like most of his peers, scoffed at the idea of spending $300 or more on a luxury timepiece. Recognizing that direct-to-consumer models had already proved successful in other industries, Kassan seized the opportunity to sell chic watches directly to customers at no more than $200 a pop.

“The DNA of our brand is inspirational and aspirational,” says MVMT’s Director of eCommerce, Alicia Radabaugh. “It’s about living life on your own terms, choosing to spend your money on experiences in life rather than on a $600-dollar watch or accessory. Instead, we provide those accessories at an affordable price point so you can look great.”

Within months of its launch via a crowdfunding campaign, MVMT had already become the must-have Millennial watch brand. They now boast over 1.5 million customers across more than 160 countries worldwide.

It’s important that our customers have a really great purchasing experience, and Yotpo’s simplicity ensures that.
Jake Kassan
Jake Kassan
CEO of MVMT Watches
5 Star Reviews
Collected Through Yotpo


Consumers weren’t used to MVMT’s model. “Historically, our typical buyer would have to go to a retailer, check out a watch in a brick-and-mortar store, and buy it there or online,” Kassan explains. He knew he could chop the price by up to 75% if he sold direct-to-consumer online, but that meant nothing if shoppers didn’t trust his product. “MVMT targets fashion-oriented, adventure-seeking, social guys who don’t simply change buying habits based on a cheaper price.”


After he saw from crowdfunding how powerful community voice could be, MVMT wanted to replicate that energy moving forward online. “Your diehards are going to be there from the beginning and they’re going to be the best free marketing you’re going to have — all the word-of-mouth in the world,” Radabaugh adds

As MVMT launched, Kassan “did a full survey of reviews platforms and Yotpo was the leader in the space. It provided the best mechanism for people to do their homework when buying online.”

Q&A was one feature that caught his eye. “It’s a way to get transparent answers from fellow customers.” Because his shoppers couldn’t see and feel a product, they needed a way to get trustworthy answers from people who had.

Question Asked
And Answered
“Getting people truly involved with your brand is the most valuable thing you can do. You don’t just want customers, you want supporters, members and advocates; people who feel like they are a part of something will stick with you and spread the word.”
Jake Kassan
CEO of MVMT Watches