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Yotpo Revolutionizes Kiki Milk’s Strategy, Doubling Subscriptions and Slashing Churn

Kiki Milk
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Kiki Milk offers innovative plant-based beverages, packed with essential nutrients for overall health. With a focus on gut, brain, and bone health, Kiki Milk provides complete nutrition in every sip. Inspired by Kauai's beauty, their nutrient-rich blends are loved by children and families alike, offering a delicious and nourishing option for all.


Main Takeaways
Kiki Milk faced challenges with a fragmented tech stack, as their Reviews, SMS, Loyalty, and Subscription programs were spread across various platforms. This dispersion impeded their ability to deliver rewarding subscriber experiences, hindering effective communication and clear subscription information for their loyal customers.
Kiki Milk’s previous subscription provider proved cumbersome for subscribers to navigate and manage their subscriptions. This led to a notable uptick in customer inquiries and frustrations directed at Kiki Milk's support team.
Kiki Milk grappled with limited flexibility in launching subscriptions for new products and efficiently managing existing subscriptions at scale. This was due to outdated tools causing operational inefficiencies within the brand's internal teams.
Kiki Milk received little to no support or guidance from their previous provider, leaving them stranded in addressing critical issues and optimizing their subscription offerings.

Before migrating to Yotpo Subscriptions, Kiki Milk faced significant challenges with a leading subscription provider in the industry. The previous service fell short of meeting the brand's expectations, leading to difficulties for both shoppers in managing their subscriptions and for Kiki Milk's team in efficiently launching and optimizing their subscriptions offering.

Previously, Kiki Milk faced challenges in building a comprehensive strategy to effectively incentivize customers to subscribe. They struggled to provide the expected loyalty incentives and communicate with subscribers beyond transactional messages. The disjointed tech stack caused frustration internally for their team and externally for customers.

Kiki Milk

Beyond the struggles with subscriber incentives, Kiki Milk's subscribers encountered difficulties navigating their customer portal, leading to a surge of inquiries and frustrations directed at Kiki Milk's customer care team.

Internally, Kiki Milk's teams grappled with operational inefficiencies stemming from clunky tools and limited flexibility. The inability to swiftly launch subscriptions on more products, manage their customers’ subscriptions, and the challenges of making data-backed decisions heightened their struggles.

All the while, Kiki Milk received little support, leaving them adrift in addressing critical issues. They lacked strategic guidance and optimization recommendations to ensure they were maximizing their subscription offerings.

Rebecca Zimmermann, Director of Communications at Kiki Milk

”Before migrating to Yotpo Subscriptions, our subscribers were facing many technical issues. They were unable to access their accounts or manage their subscriptions. It became a real headache for our customer service team to assist them, as shoppers were clearly frustrated. These are basic tasks subscribers expect to handle themselves.”

Kiki Milk Rebecca Zimmermann, Director of Communications


Main Takeaways
Leveraging Yotpo's retention expertise, Kiki Milk developed a robust loyalty strategy, elevating subscriber communications and program efficiency.
Introducing one-click points redemption simplified reward claiming for Kiki Milk's customers, enhancing engagement and loyalty.
Highly-personalized subscription notifications and the "Subscriptions Upsell Flow" on Yotpo SMS bolstered Kiki Milk's subscriber acquisition and retention efforts.
Yotpo Subscriptions' user-friendly interface revolutionized Kiki Milk's internal processes, reducing customer cases and enabling precise metric analysis for strategic decision-making.

With the expertise of Yotpo's retention team, Kiki Milk crafted a comprehensive strategy to optimize its loyalty program and enhance communications for subscribers. They introduced one-click points redemption in their portal, allowing customers to effortlessly claim the rewards they've earned for their loyalty.

Collaborating with Yotpo's communication specialists, Kiki Milk enriched subscription notifications with personalized details such as available points and rewards, keeping subscribers engaged and eager to remain subscribed. Beyond communicating with existing subscribers, Kiki Milk also focused on promoting the benefits of subscribing to potential customers. By implementing the "Subscriptions Upsell Flow" on Yotpo SMS, Kiki Milk automatically sends messages to shoppers who make repeat purchases, highlighting the perks of subscribing. This approach has significantly boosted subscriber acquisition effectiveness.

Kiki Milk Subscriptions

The user-friendly interface of Yotpo Subscriptions has significantly improved the experiences for both Kiki Milk's customer care team and eCommerce team. This positive transformation is evident in the substantial decrease in customer cases, enabling the team to handle inquiries more efficiently. Moreover, the eCommerce team can now accurately assess metrics to gauge the health of the subscription offering and plan acquisition and retention optimizations proactively.

The impact of these improvements goes beyond internal operations, positively affecting Kiki Milk's subscribers. With simplified subscription management, personalized loyalty rewards, and enhanced communications, subscribers feel a stronger connection to the brand. Kiki Milk now provides not only quality products, but also an exceptional journey, ensuring that subscribers remain loyal and engaged in the overall brand experience.

”We like everything about Yotpo Subscriptions. It is so much easier to use yet offers robust features and functionality, which allows us to be proactive about acquiring new subscribers and retaining them. But my favorite thing is the support and guidance we get from the Yotpo Team.”

Kiki Milk Rebecca Zimmermann, Director of Communications


Main Takeaways
Kiki Milk has doubled the number of new subscriptions within the first month of launching Yotpo Subscriptions.
They’ve achieved a 30% reduction in subscription churn rate during the initial months of implementing the meticulously planned subscription strategy.
The brand experienced a 120% increase in participation in the loyalty program following the introduction of the one-click in-portal redemption option for subscribers.

Within just one month of integrating Yotpo Subscriptions with Yotpo Reviews, SMS, and Loyalty, Kiki Milk has experienced significant improvements. Implementing a well-thought-out subscription strategy that includes loyalty incentives and personalized communications has yielded remarkable results. In the first month of applying this comprehensive approach, Kiki Milk not only doubled the number of new subscriptions but also witnessed a 30% reduction in the subscription churn rate.

Moreover, subscriber engagement has soared, as evidenced by a higher average of positive reviews from subscribers compared to non-subscribers. The introduction of the one-click in-portal redemption option for subscribers resulted in an impressive 120% increase in participation in the loyalty program.

Kiki Milk's team is excited about the transformative outcomes facilitated by Yotpo's cutting-edge technology and expert guidance. Thanks to Yotpo Subscriptions, subscription management has become seamless, with precise metrics enabling informed future planning. The consolidation of its tech stack has empowered Kiki Milk to create a truly distinctive journey for its subscribers, making them feel like the VIPs they truly are, and fostering long-term engagement and retention.


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