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How Chubbies Turned Customers into Friends with Yotpo

  • Industry
  • Platform & Agency
    Platform & Agency
    Shopify Plus & BVAccel
  • Challenge
    Build personal customer relationships at scale to boost sales and gain life-long brand fans
  • Solution
    Use Yotpo & Shopify Plus to collect & leverage reviews on product pages, across search & social
  • Results
    Over 56% of all sales are from engaged and passionate shoppers who have interacted with widgets; 11,300+ reviews collected
Who wears short-shorts? The founders of eight-year-old D2C brand Chubbies believe the answer should be: every man in America.


Inspired by their own love of vintage patterns and short-shorts, Chubbies co-founders Kyle Hency, Rainer Castillo, Preston Rutherford, and Tom Montgomery ushered in a new era of men’s casualwear. From shorts, to swim trunks, to Hawaiian shirts, and more, Chubbies is devoted to bringing their customers that “Friday at 5:00pm feeling” all the time. 

As a revolutionary direct-to-consumer brand on Shopify Plus, Chubbies grew in size and popularity, expanding from online into brick-and-mortar. All the while, their core values —  forming life-long relationships with customers and delivering high quality products — stayed very much the same. 

“Our main guiding light is getting feedback from our customers,” says Tom Montgomery, Co-founder and CMO. Chubbies needed a scalable, easy way to continuously solicit and showcase this feedback from customers, in order to keep building both their community and their exceptionally comfy shorts. 

As marketers, we could talk about how stretchy our shirts are, or how comfortable our shorts are, but those are just words until you get validation from your customers.
Tom Montgomery
Tom Montgomery
Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer
Reviews Collected
Through Yotpo


As a “lean and scrappy” team of just 55 people, Chubbies found themselves competing against companies with teams of thousands. They quickly realized that a strong tech stack could be a major competitive differentiator. 

“Our mission is to understand more about our products, straight from the customers’ minds,” explains Tom. Chubbies’ self-described “maniacal” commitment to understanding what their customers want is what makes their shorts fly off the shelves. To take it to the next level and drive even more sales, the company needed a marketing tech solution that would allow them to “build an actual, real relationship with customers” on a larger scale. 


With Yotpo and Shopify Plus, Chubbies was able to create a commerce experience that puts customers front and center. First, the brand began soliciting reviews via the Mail After Purchase feature. They also added the Yotpo reviews widgets to all their product pages, giving passionate shoppers another way to leave written feedback and photos. 

Chubbies implemented Smart Filters and Search in the reviews widget so that customers could sift through thousands of product reviews with ease. They used Loyalty and Rewards to build out the customer relationship even further — “So that our customers feel like they’re getting a full lifecycle experience that’s all brought to you by Yotpo.” Chubbies additionally showcased Yotpo reviews and ratings across their Google and social ads to build consumer trust and drive even more traffic to their site. 

Finally, now that the brand had so much data about which prints and fits customers preferred, they needed an efficient way to analyze it, and put it to work for them. At this point, Yotpo Analytics and Insights became another essential tool: “It helps us make decisions about any improvements we can make to the garments.” 

Yotpo has been vital in understanding, do people like this product? Are they engaging with this product in the way that we want them to? Is this product delivering on that Friday at 5:00 PM feeling?
Conversion Rate
Of Shoppers Who Interact with Yotpo Widgets
It’s extremely important to us to treat customers right, give them great experiences, and interact with them in a way that resonates. It’s only through the use of technology like Yotpo that we are able to do that.
Tom Montgomery
Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer