Revelry Boosts Brand Trust With Artificial Intelligence

  • Industry
    Fashion & Bridal
  • Platform
  • Challenge
    Focus shopper attention on informative, relevant reviews to improve the shopper experience
  • Solution
    Add Smart Filters to PDPs to enable site visitors to filter reviews and find information quickly
  • Results
    60% engagement rate and 7.6% conversion rate with Smart Filters, 97.4% of all customers interact with Yotpo widgets prior to purchase
Founded by Michelle DeLoach, Revelry has reinvented the bridesmaid shopping experience making it more fun, personalized, and accessible


Direct-to-consumer bridesmaid dress brand, Revelry, was built on the belief that shopping for bridesmaids dresses should be about one thing: having fun. By disrupting the traditional, impersonal bridesmaid dress shopping experience, Revelry “meets the needs of the modern consumer” and makes wedding wear shopping more relevant to millennial shoppers. Their dresses are affordable, wearable beyond the wedding, and the shopping experience is worth celebrating and sharing.

Sample box try-on parties not only provide the perfect excuse to drink champagne with friends and try on pretty dresses, but make finding the dream dress a reality. To ensure everyone feels beautiful, Revelry offer a range of sizes and lengths to accommodate any body type and shape, at no extra charge. Each dress is then exquisitely made to order and sold directly to their customers at 50% of the price, compared to traditional bridal boutiques.

By implementing Smart Filters, we solved a major customer pain point. Shoppers can now view fit, quality, and styling information before purchasing, without having to comb through numerous reviews on site, giving them confidence in our brand and products.
LauraLee Baird
LauraLee Baird
Head of Marketing and Brand Specialist
Of Customers
Interact With Yotpo Widgets Prior to Purchase


Finding a bridesmaid dress can be a long process. The bride and bridesmaids have to consider the style, color, size, length, and much more. To make confident purchase decisions, the shopper needs as much information as possible. Being able to see reviews from real customers specifically related to fit or quality prior to purchase is critical. But shoppers often have to sift through hundreds of reviews to find those related to their needs.

Revelry wanted to help their shoppers quickly find information and improve the shopper experience by focusing their attention on informative, positive, and hyper-relevant reviews that build trust in their products and brand. As 71% of Revelry’s web traffic is mobile, having that experience be mobile-optimized was crucial.

We want the process of finding the perfect bridesmaid dress to be enjoyable. We focus on having fun, bringing people together, and celebrating the journey.


Since implementing Yotpo in 2017, fast-growing Revelry has established credibility by displaying customer reviews and photos across their site. Head of Marketing and Brand Specialist, LauraLee Baird was “so pleased when Yotpo launched its Smart Filters beta. We immediately requested to be beta testers.” As an early adopter, Revelry added Yotpo’s AI-powered reviews widget to their product pages to provide a more personalized, mobile-friendly shopping experience with authentic customer content.

The easy-to-use Smart Filters empower customers to filter and find reviews relevant to their search based on frequently mentioned topics or custom filters created by the brand. Baird explains, “Yotpo combs all our reviews for common topics using Artificial Intelligence.” Each product page showcases a different range of topics specific to that product such as ‘material’ or ‘fit’ for fast filtering.

It’s no secret that different dress styles flatter body types differently, so Revelry asks customers to select their body type when submitting a review. This enables Revelry to add a powerful ‘body type’ filter so that site visitors can hone in on relevant reviews specific to their body type.

Conversion Rate
With Smart Review Filters
Yotpo’s custom Smart Filters, were a huge win for our team. We reworked our review questions to allow our customers to sort through the information by questions most frequently asked. We have extended sizing options (0-32 and four length options), so it's important for our customers to be able to see fit and length reviews per product, based on these filters...
LauraLee Baird
Head of Marketing and Brand Specialist
If adding tech doesn’t serve a function or meet the needs of your customers, it’s just added noise. Yotpo’s AI engine makes the features we have smarter and helps our customers make smarter decisions.
LauraLee Baird
Head of Marketing and Brand Specialist