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The Turmeric Co. Grows Revenue by 600% With Yotpo Reviews and Loyalty & Referrals

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Launched in 2018, The Turmeric Co. offers functional and fresh nutritional products that support holistic health and well-being. The Turmeric Co. now retails at Whole Foods, at over 100 locations of David Lloyd Clubs, and other UK-based stores.


Main Takeaways
The Turmeric Co. had glowing 5-star reviews and testimonials, but they wanted to focus on increasing customer lifetime value.
After implementing Yotpo Reviews, the brand wanted to create a seamless customer experience and boost customer retention through a loyalty program.
The Turmeric Co. also needed to create data-rich customer profiles to better engage new and existing shoppers.

Thanks to their fresh, flavorful, and nutritious shots, The Turmeric Co. received rave reviews from their customers — but they needed to showcase these testimonials dynamically to new shoppers landing on their site.

The brand wanted to elevate the customer experience with reviews integrated throughout the path to purchase. To do so, The Turmeric Co. needed a system capable of drawing insights from product and delivery pain points.

Launching on-site, integrated reviews was the first step in enhancing the customer journey. The second step involved creating a loyalty program embedded into the customer journey that also showcases authentic customer reviews.

Turmeric Co. products

“We knew that allowing customers to be our biggest advocates would be a natural revenue and acquisition driver for us,” says Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu, Founder of The Turmeric Co. “We wanted to get better insight into why our customers were purchasing and push them into a tailored customer journey.”

By giving new shoppers a clear reason to return — their loyalty program — The Turmeric Co. increased their retention rate and ultimately boosted their customer lifetime value.

Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu

”[Direct consumers] are crucial to collecting first-party data to actually build a community and advocacy around the product and brand. ”

The Turmeric Co. logo Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu, Founder


Main Takeaways
The Turmeric Co. launched customized review requests and “Turmeric Tokens,” a loyalty program with 11 unique campaigns.
By focusing on segmentation, The Turmeric Co. creates personalized customer journeys and increases customer engagement.
Yotpo Reviews and Loyalty help turn one-time customers into brand advocates and recurring, lifelong shoppers.

After considering TrustPilot and Reviews.io, The Turmeric Co. realized other providers couldn’t offer the platform approach they needed. With Yotpo’s dynamic platform integrations with other tech solutions and synergies across Reviews, Loyalty, and more, The Turmeric Co. found a partner that integrated seamlessly with their Shopify Plus Store and enabled a successful digital strategy.

For instance, The Turmeric Co. sends customized review requests embedded within emails and follow-up reminders, and also takes advantage of Yotpo’s integration with Meta, which displays top reviews within paid ads. Yotpo’s platform allows the brand “to automate their reviews collection and present them in a dynamic way to customers on-site, while still being on brand,” says Robson-Kanu.

The Turmeric Co. rewards page

Once Reviews were in place, The Turmeric Co. launched Turmeric Tokens, a strategic loyalty program designed to boost engagement and retention. The program includes 11 unique campaigns for earning points, like leaving reviews and for signing up for subscriptions.

Yotpo empowers the brand to customize their loyalty program, making every customer touchpoint feel organic and aligned with their mission. Specifically, to better foster education and community, The Turmeric Co. rewards shoppers for reading their wellness magazine The Root, covering topics such as pain management and immunity support — then connects relevant reviews directly to each blog page for a cohesive shopper experience.

Yotpo’s segmentation capabilities allow The Turmeric Co. to better understand and activate shopper data. Yotpo’s ESP integrations allow the brand to send hyper-relevant email flows based on their members’ behavior.

“[A loyalty solution] that was able to integrate with our reviews system was the trigger to help us continue the progression of the customer journey,” says Robson-Kanu. “Not only do reviews help us understand why customers are purchasing, but we also use segmentation to develop additional flows to drive even higher engagement rates for the loyalty program.”

”We love the synergy of rewarding customers for leaving reviews. It captures a review for the brand, and it pulls the customer into the retention piece, driving more engagement and creating a better shopper experience.”

The Turmeric Co. logo Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu, Founder


Main Takeaways
The Turmeric Co. has seen a 600% revenue increase within 24 months since adding Yotpo Reviews and Loyalty.
CLTV doubled through 2021, with a projection of £300+ by the end of 2022.
The Turmeric Co’s retention rate is now at 60%, which is double the industry standard.
The brand boasts a 7% review conversion rate compared to the industry average of 3%.

Within 24 months of implementing Yotpo Reviews, followed by Yotpo Loyalty and Referrals, The Turmeric Co. has seen a 600% increase in revenue. Even more so, their customer lifetime value is trending upwards and has increased on average £8 month over month for the past 12 months, with a CLTV target of £300+ by the end of 2022. The brand continues to partner closely with Yotpo, driving forward innovation by implementing new features and synergies.

The Turmeric Co. reviews

Retention-driven engagement and customer-first strategies are key to The Turmeric Co.’s success. “Brands are nothing without their customers, so every decision made has to be customer-centric led, with no exception. For us, it’s crucial to focus on key elements like engagement and retention and then look for solutions and tech stacks that deliver that,” says Robson-Kanu. “Reviews are incredibly important because you want customer feedback to give voice to a brand to tell their story. Loyalty is massive — it’s crucial to the customer journey as you’re thinking about customer needs and humanizing the brand.”

Robson-Kanu noted that the synergy of Yotpo’s platforms was a key contributor to helping The Turmeric Co. succeed, with even bigger plans ahead.

“When you’re an omnichannel business, with your eComm channel, you can’t only look at acquisition — you need to be looking at retention rates, LTV, and searching for platforms that can improve those for your business. This is something Yotpo excels at: the integration of their reviews and loyalty platforms makes the customer journey seamless, which drives retention through the roof.”

”Over the last 24 months, we’ve grown by 600% — the key element being retention. Our CLTV has doubled over the last year, and Yotpo has played a key role in our growth.”

The Turmeric Co. logo Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu, Founder

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