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Princess Polly Increases On-Site Conversion By 498% With Yotpo Reviews

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Founded in Australia in 2010, Princess Polly is a fashion-forward clothing brand. Their rapid growth and primarily Gen Z customer base prompted the brand to use Yotpo Reviews to build brand trust — and drive conversion — in a global marketplace.


Main Takeaways
With an active social presence, Princess Polly knew they needed to streamline their user-generated content collection in an easy and effective way.
Striving to lower return rates and build an effective acquisition strategy, Princess Polly knew doubling down on building brand and product trust was essential.
Princess Polly was determined to find a provider that would amplify their global brand growth and build lasting brand recognition.

Princess Polly’s global customer base is highly active on their social media channels, and customers needed a better way to provide feedback and engage directly with the brand. Additionally, the brand also wanted to double down on a more effective acquisition strategy while decreasing return rates — efforts that require brand and product trust.

Further, with user-generated content at the heart of their strategy, Princess Polly could satisfy that customer feedback channel while also featuring influential and authentic social proof across their site.

Princess Polly merchandise

The brand knew they needed a partner that could enable them to easily collect and display reviews, customer photos, and videos across multiple channels to build that trust while accelerating growth and building recognition.

Kim Zorn headshot

”Reviews and Visual UGC we collect help increase buyer confidence. We can showcase visual galleries with real people wearing our products, it’s so impactful for our shoppers.”

Princess Polly logo Kim Zorn, Head of Performance


Main Takeaways
Starting with Yotpo Reviews and Visual UGC, Princess Polly quickly achieved their goal of building consumer purchasing confidence.
Princess Polly leveraged Yotpo’s Insights to analyze their product reviews that ultimately influence future product development.
Princess Polly amplified their reviews through various Google marketing initiatives, taking advantage of Yotpo’s unique verified Google partnership

Princess Polly started with Yotpo Reviews and Visual UGC to meet their goals of increasing conversions, decreasing returns, and building purchase confidence. What they weren’t expecting was just how fast the reviews and customer photos would start pouring in — and the high quality of the feedback they’d receive.

From these thoughtful reviews, Princess Polly now had access to direct insights from their customers, what they thought, how they felt, and their ideas and suggestions for specific product lines.

Yotpo and Google Reviews for Princess Polly

This valuable customer information led to new initiatives and allowed Princess Polly to adjust their product lines accordingly. “We received feedback from multiple customers how much they loved a certain dress, but wished it was slightly longer,” said Kim Zorn, Head of Performance, Princess Polly. “We took that information back to our Product department and added two inches to the dress. We would have never known these business-changing insights without Yotpo Reviews.”

Continuing to take full advantage of all Yotpo has to offer, they immediately activated Yotpo’s marketing integrations, including the Google Partnership, to showcase their high-converting reviews in their Google Ad and Google Shopping Ads to stand out in a highly competitive market.

”The reviews I have received from my customers have been invaluable and as a brand we know so much more about our products and what the customers actually want from us. ”

Princess Polly logo Kim Zorn, Head of Performance


Main Takeaways
Reviews influence shoppers at multiple points throughout their buying journey.
Princess Polly saw a 498% rise in conversion rates after customers engaged with a Yotpo Powered on-site widget.
Yotpo’s Reviews solution increased their Average Order Value by 112%.
Princess Polly has collected over 300k reviews through their engaged customer base.

Reviews don’t just influence Princess Polly’s product lines — they influence shoppers during multiple points in their buying journey. With the power of Yotpo’s user-generated content, Princess Polly has seen a 498% lift in visitor conversion rate after customers engaged with a Yotpo-powered on-site widget.

“Reviews are so relevant for our growth,” said Zorn. “With the insights from reviews, we learn how to produce better products. They’re integrated into the whole business.”

Now, Princess Polly also leverages Yotpo Loyalty and Yotpo SMS, enabling them to push review requests via SMS messages and reward loyalty points for writing a review. With the power of the Yotpo platform, the brand is seeing even more engagement — now, they’re seeing 191% higher review conversion from loyalty customers compared to non-loyalty customers, and this is just the beginning.

Kim Zorn headshot

”Yotpo listens to what we need and has brought our dreams to life. We’ll always choose the Yotpo platform.”

Kim Zorn headshot Kim Zorn, Head of Performance

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