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She’s Waisted Chooses SMS Experts to Grow Subscribers by 241%

Four women modeling She's Waisted shapewear
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She’s Waisted is a women’s shapewear brand dedicated to empowering women to feel confident and strong. With premium products from activewear to shapewear, they encourage women of all shapes and sizes to feel their best and celebrate their curves.


Main Takeaways
She’s Waisted needed a solution to growing paid media costs that would enable them to connect with customers more effectively.
They turned to SMS, but the other apps they tested didn’t suit the needs of their growing business.
She’s Waisted finally found Yotpo SMS & Email, a provider with all of the capabilities they needed to build customer relationships and drive revenue with SMS.

When paid media channels became more expensive, She’s Waisted started looking for a better, more cost-effective way to engage their audience. The brand had already seen success with email marketing, so they knew they wanted another channel that would allow them to connect directly with their customers where they are most active today: their phones.

Four women modeling She's Waisted shapewear

SMS seemed like the perfect mobile marketing solution to reach more customers and generate higher ROI as their business grew, but they needed to find the right provider. Although She’s Waisted tried another leading SMS provider, they found themselves still seeking a more robust and personalized SMS experience. The brand craved more connected experiences with their loyalty and reviews programs, easier implementation of Back-in-Stock, more customization of attribution and discount codes, and strong strategy guidance.

No other SMS solutions seemed like they would deliver the best possible experience for both the brand and their customers. “I tried a couple of other Shopify apps for SMS, but they were all lacking,” says Diego Camejo, CEO. “Then I came across Yotpo SMS & Email and finally found something that worked.”

”The decision was, which SMS provider was going to be able to grow with my business and continue to be cutting edge with their innovations? Yotpo SMS & Email was that provider.”

She's Waisted company logo Diego Camejo, CEO, She’s Waisted


Main Takeaways
She’s Waisted partnered with Yotpo SMS & Email to grow their SMS channel and their business.
Their team strengthened their SMS strategy with expert guidance from a dedicated Strategist and Customer Success Manager.
The connection with their loyalty and reviews programs unlocked more robust personalization and enabled them to better engage and retain customers.

Through Yotpo SMS & Email, She’s Waisted was matched with a dedicated Strategist and Customer Success Manager, both of whom have become invaluable resources to the team. Together they offer best practices, seasonal campaign recommendations, and more to not only guide the brand’s SMS strategy, but also their eCommerce marketing strategy as a whole. “They know so much about marketing and help frame our strategy for the month or the week,” says Camejo. “It’s been a great, grounding thing for us. When things get overwhelming, they show us exactly what we need to focus on.”

She’s Waisted has leveraged Yotpo SMS & Email to send everything from transactional messages to product releases and promotions. Having had such an incredible experience with the platform, they decided to add Yotpo Reviews and Loyalty as well. With everything under one roof, She’s Waisted can harness loyalty and reviews data points to make every message personal and timely, increasing repeat purchases by engaging customers at the right moments to come back time and time again. “We can segment based on the connection with Loyalty and Reviews, use customer responses to figure out what they’re interested in, and see where they are in the customer buying journey — all to target them with the messages that are most relevant,” says Camejo.

Along with engaging customers through these ultra-personalized messages, She’s Waisted has also been able to strengthen their customer experience through Yotpo SMS & Email’s help desk integration with Reamaze. “If customers have any questions or problems with orders, they can text us right away,” says Camejo. “With email, that stuff sometimes gets lost. But with SMS, we can have conversations with customers to resolve issues immediately.”

”It’s so important to build direct, meaningful relationships with customers at scale, and it’s extremely powerful to be able to segment people to speak to them based on what you know. The more you can lean on that, the better your SMS will perform.”

She's Waisted company logo Diego Camejo, CEO, She’s Waisted


Main Takeaways
She’s Waisted achieved 241% subscriber growth in just one year using Yotpo SMS & Email’s top collection tools.
The brand reaches every customer at the right time with triggered flows for 123x ROI.
She’s Waisted sees 190% higher conversion from SMS review requests compared to email.

The brand’s number one goal was to grow their subscriber list, and Yotpo SMS & Email has more than delivered. By leveraging more than five of the platform’s on-site collection tools, such as pop-ups, footers, and floating buttons, She’s Waisted can meet every customer with the unique experience that is most likely to convert. In just the last year, they have achieved 241% subscriber growth with this strategy. “Yotpo SMS & Email has all of the subscriber collection tools you could ever need, and they are constantly adding new tools and making the existing ones even better,” says Camejo. “Each tool is easy to enable and goes directly on your site, so you can grow your list fast.”

By sending welcome messages to new subscribers, She’s Waisted has been able to push them to purchase immediately for an impressive 144x ROI. And now that they have a larger audience, they are able to bring back more repeat customers than ever before. “I’ll say this,” says Camejo, “we have three times the subscribers on email, but definitely not three times the results. SMS is way more effective.”

Those results go far beyond subscriber collection — She’s Waisted has seen 123x ROI from triggered flows sent to customers based on actions and events in the buyer journey. “The name SMS & Email says it all,” says Camejo. “Whether they’ve viewed a product or abandoned a cart, we capture them at the right time in the journey and bump them to the right place.” By adding a Back-in-Stock flow, the brand can bring customers back to purchase with a code-free subscriber collection widget, which prompts subscribers to sign up via SMS or email for real-time updates about when their favorite products in their desired size return.

Yotpo SMS & Email’s direct connection with Reviews also enables She’s Waisted to collect valuable customer feedback and social proof at a much higher rate than through email. When they tried out other SMS providers without a direct connection like this, they struggled to grow reviews at the same scale. Their post-purchase SMS review requests sent with Yotpo SMS & Email see a 190% higher conversion rate than those sent via email, and, by offering exclusive discounts in exchange for the review, She’s Waisted drives even more sales and higher CLTV. “Yotpo really knows what they’re doing and is willing to go the extra mile for your brand,” says Camejo. “The attention to detail and ability to communicate with Yotpo is incredible.”

”Don’t be scared to lean heavily on SMS. There are a lot of possibilities for many different types of brands to be able to communicate with customers directly. Yotpo SMS & Email is a critical part of the marketing stack for any business.”

She's Waisted company logo Diego Camejo, CEO, She’s Waisted

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