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Chaser Brand Improves ROI and Engagement by Choosing Yotpo SMS & Email

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Founded in 1988, Chaser Brand is a contemporary clothing line that gives a subtle yet artful nod to vintage looks inspired by music icons from the past. With the evolution of style and rock and roll at the heart of everything they do, Chaser Brand's collection is forward-thinking, experimental, and most importantly unique.


Main Takeaways
Although Chaser Brand’s previous email marketing provider was working, the rising costs and lack of customer service started to outweigh the benefits.
Because their reviews, loyalty, and SMS were already consolidated through Yotpo, having a separate provider for email marketing resulted in disconnected customer data and less time to focus on other business needs.
When Yotpo Email launched, it was clear that they would have everything they needed to drive revenue and to communicate in a more effective and efficient way.

Chaser Brand had been using a well-known email provider for years. However, with the costs of that provider rising, a lack of customer service, and a disjointed experience — having their email data separate from their loyalty, reviews, and SMS — the brand was feeling frustrated and searching for something more.

Chaser Brand model wearing green t-shirt

After starting with Yotpo Reviews and seeing the service and results, Chaser Brand decided to add on loyalty and SMS. There was just one missing piece: email.

“One of the things I remember asking my CSM early on was, ‘So when are you guys going to introduce email under the Yotpo umbrella?’ Then, I’d have everything I need to create more connected customer experiences from one platform,” says Phil Williams, Director of eCommerce Growth & Marketing at Chaser Brand.

And in 2022, Williams and the Chaser Brand team got exactly what they were looking for when they were invited to join the Beta for Yotpo Email.

Now, Chaser Brand could use SMS and email together for more impactful, thoughtful customer engagement. And with connected solutions, Williams knew that he could access his unified customer data in real time, which became especially crucial as the brand focused on growing their loyalty program. By implementing Yotpo Email, the brand could easily send triggered emails to their loyalty members at key moments in their journey and unlock real time data like VIP tiers, points balance, and points to next tier — all at a fraction of the cost compared to their previous provider.

“What made me most excited to give Yotpo Email a try was the opportunity to have our SMS and email under one roof. And to be able to then connect those channels directly with our reviews, loyalty, and referrals in one place. Now, we’re able to communicate with our customers much more effectively, and it’s more cost efficient than our previous provider,” says Williams.

Williams has saved over 36% annually by switching to Yotpo Email from one of the leading email providers on Shopify. With Yotpo Email, he also has the ability to only pay for the emails he sends — unlocking even more flexibility in this unpredictable market.

Chaser Brand Phil Williams Headshot

”One of the things I remember asking my CSM early on was, ‘So when are you guys going to introduce email under the Yotpo umbrella?’ Then, I’d have everything I need to create more connected customer experiences, all from one platform.”

Chaser Brand logo Phil Williams, Director of eCommerce Growth & Marketing


Main Takeaways
Dedicated onboarding and migration support allowed Chaser Brand to get up and running with Yotpo Email quickly all thanks to access to several game-changing features.
By leveraging the Reviews Block, the brand showcased social proof with product and site reviews to boost email conversion rates.
Yotpo Email’s exclusive Canva integration made it easy for the brand to create designs directly from the email editor.

With email as a top revenue channel for the brand, initially, Williams was nervous to make a change. But with dedicated onboarding assistance, Yotpo Email soon eased any concerns he had.

“The migration process was seamless,” Williams says. “My CSM imported my subscribers, suppression list, and unsubscribers; rebuilt all my flows and email templates; and even advised me on what I could do to make those flows even stronger with SMS and email combined.”

And beyond the migration process being so simple, Yotpo’s email marketing features have been a game-changer. With the intuitive email editor, Chaser Brand was able to access unique features that saved their team time and allowed them to create high-converting emails.

Chaser Brand email campaign for spring collection

For example, the Reviews Block unlocks the ability to hand-pick any product or site review to include in email content, showing customers exactly what they need to feel more confident and convert. Another favorite? Yotpo’s exclusive Canva integration.

“I can just drag and drop the Canva block, and create designs right in the editor. It’s easy to use, and easy to go back and edit instead of manually downloading and uploading images every time.”

Now, Chaser Brand can easily add eye-catching Canva banners and footers to their emails, all while saving time with Yotpo. Chaser Brand also loves how Yotpo continuously builds innovative, exciting features, and constantly seeks out customers as design partners to build what they need quickly.

“Yotpo really makes you feel like a partner to them — always listening to your ideas and input. With my previous ESP, I didn’t feel that at all. There wasn’t even communication with our reps before, but at Yotpo you can meet with the actual team building Yotpo SMS & Email and discuss which features you want to see.”

One of those innovative features that were built thanks to customer feedback is the AI Copy Assistant for SMS. By simply writing a few words about your campaign, and adding some details about the type of campaign and urgency, the AI Copy Assistant generates top-converting copy ideas. “The AI Copy Assistant saves me time so that I can focus on other things, which is so valuable since I wear so many hats,” says Williams.

”Yotpo has been a game-changer for our brand. The ability to have all these email features — with our SMS, loyalty, and reviews all under one roof — is something we have been seeking for years, even before we signed up with our previous ESP.”

Chaser Brand logo Phil Williams, Director of eCommerce Growth & Marketing


Main Takeaways
With an email marketing strategy tailored toward engagement, Chaser Brand gained a 3.94x higher click-through rate from their subscribers.
Since switching to Yotpo Email, Chaser Brand has also seen a 107x higher ROI.
With their SMS and email solutions under the same roof as their Loyalty solution, Chaser Brand has boosted their loyalty participation rate by 1.6x.

By switching to Yotpo Email, Chaser Brand has seen an improvement in their email marketing experience as well as their overall results — all while saving on costs. Not only are the brand’s emails now getting opened at a 1.13x higher rate than with their previous email provider, but they’re also much more engaging — gaining a 3.94x higher CTR from recipients.

“We’ve been extremely happy with the numbers we’re seeing. Our click-through rates and open rates both exceed what we have seen from our previous ESP,” says Williams. “And I think that speaks to Yotpo’s strong email features as well as their deliverability.”

Chaser Brand’s strong deliverability came from thoughtful domain warming with the help of Yotpo’s expert deliverability team. The team guides brands through getting started on the right foot with inbox providers, and they’re there to provide best practices on getting every email delivered.

Chaser Brand’s email marketing results speak for themselves with over 107x ROI from their email efforts. But having SMS and email in one place has yielded even stronger results than when the two channels were separate. With higher engagement and conversion in their flows, Chaser Brand is seeing an average 358x ROI on flows with SMS and email combined.

“Our flows are much more engaging now with Yotpo SMS & Email. If subscribers receive an SMS, click on it, but don’t make a purchase, we can follow up with an email. That level of orchestration is unmatched — it allows us to see real results.”

But Chaser Brand has unlocked even further multichannel engagement. For example, Yotpo’s no-code Back-in-Stock widget and flow allows them to engage with even more customers when products come back in stock.

“We can notify them on the channel they prefer — whether they’re only on SMS, only on email, or they enjoy both. It’s a truly multichannel approach,” says Williams. This dual strategy for Back-in-Stock wasn't possible with Chaser Brand's previous provider who only collected email addresses for notification. But with Yotpo SMS & Email, the brand can allow customers to subscribe on any channel they prefer, and in turn, maximize subscriber collection.

Chaser Brand text message and email

Yotpo SMS & Email also leveled up Chaser Brand’s loyalty strategy, enabling them to engage with their VIP customers in a more personalized way. The brand can easily add the Loyalty Personalization block to any email, serving each subscriber a unique banner for their loyalty status. While a Gold Tier member might see that they have enough points to redeem, a non-member would be encouraged to “sign up now,” ensuring every email drives loyalty participation. And with SMS and email combined, the results are even stronger.

Now that their email is directly connected with Yotpo Loyalty and SMS, Chaser Brand feels more in touch with their loyalty members. They’re also leveraging real-time data and triggers to engage customers at the perfect moments on every channel — for everything from VIP Tier upgrades to birthday rewards and more.

“Now that we can more effectively engage our customers on SMS and email, we’re seeing much more engagement with our loyalty program, which was a key strategy for us this year. We were seeing a lull in our loyalty and referrals, and ever since we brought email and SMS together under Yotpo, we’ve seen our loyalty engagement pick up in a big way.”

In fact, since bringing their SMS and email into the same platform as their loyalty solution, Chaser Brand has seen a 1.6x increase to their overall loyalty participation rate.

”What I would say to any brand considering Yotpo Email is: Don’t be afraid to make the change. The idea of change can be daunting when you’re seeing success with your current email marketing solution. But Yotpo will not only give you results, but make the transition totally seamless to get started.”

Chaser Brand logo Phil Williams, Director of eCommerce Growth & Marketing

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