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Wolfson Brands Takes SMS Worldwide With Yotpo SMS & Email

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For Wolfson Brands, there’s nothing more important than motivating customers to live better lives. Through their 19 cutting-edge brands in the health and wellness space, they provide customers with the highest quality supplements, nutrition, and beauty products to inspire positive lifestyle changes around the world.


Main Takeaways
Wolfson Brands’ original SMS provider lacked the compliance expertise they needed to use SMS all over the world.
They desired global compliance and deliverability support, as well as guidance on how to drive more revenue with SMS.
Wolfson searched for an easy-to-use platform that could support their global presence among seven currencies and 19 brands.

Wolfson Brands was excited to add SMS to their marketing strategy to connect with their customers worldwide in a flexible and engaging way.

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However, getting messages to different countries can be a huge challenge for brands, and staying compliant with the varying SMS regulations across countries proved complicated for Wolfson. They quickly realized that their initial SMS provider lacked crucial expertise in this area, which would limit how far they could go.

Wolfson Brands desired more from their SMS provider, including support for sending globally-compliant messages, and expert guidance on how to turn SMS into a top revenue channel. They needed an easy way to deliver exceptional, revenue-driving SMS experiences compliantly and at scale to support their growing geographical presence in France, Canada, and Australia — and Yotpo SMS & Email was the answer.

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”The biggest thing on our list was compliance, because our previous provider gave us no support or guidance. With the Yotpo SMS & Email team, that came through strongly.”

Wolfson Brands logo Daniel Lawman, Chief Digital Officer


Main Takeaways
Wolfson Brands decided to migrate to Yotpo SMS & Email from their previous provider to scale their SMS efforts and drive more revenue.
They hoped to leverage Yotpo SMS & Email's automated SMS flows, native Shopify integration, and more for a stronger SMS strategy.
Yotpo SMS & Email gave them the ability to expand SMS to more geographies due to simplified compliance management and global SMS deliverability.
Wolfson Brands easily transitioned all 19 brands with dedicated support and guidance from the Yotpo SMS & Email team.

Wolfson Brands knew that migrating to Yotpo SMS & Email would make a big difference for their brands, especially when it came to expanding their SMS programs into new geographies. “The Yotpo SMS & Email team has been fundamental to getting us set up with SMS compliantly. We don’t have to figure out the rules in different countries. We just select the country, and the team handles the rest,” says Daniel Lawman, Chief Digital Officer. Now they would be able to send messages to any destination and ensure they were not only compliant with local regulations, but also delivered at exactly the right time, without interruption.

Selecting which countries to text in the SMS product

They were also looking to scale their use of SMS beyond their previous provider, and were drawn to several of Yotpo SMS & Email's advanced features. The automated SMS flows, for example, would allow them to consistently drive revenue in the background, while the native Shopify integration would simplify their channel management and give them access to more customer data for more effective messaging. In addition, the ability to have two-way conversations with customers via SMS would enable Wolfson to build strong relationships, which is core to their mission. “We’re in an age where if someone receives an SMS, they expect they can reply to it. SMS & Email makes it easy to never miss a message and protect those relationships,” says Lawman.

With SMS features like these, along with Yotpo SMS & Email's compliance-first approach, global deliverability, and dedicated Customer Success Managers, it was clear to Wolfson Brands that they had found the right provider to power their SMS success — “Literally every box we had was being ticked.”

Transitioning over to Yotpo SMS & Email couldn’t have been easier thanks to the team’s support. Lawman says, “Our CSM did all the heavy-lifting for us in onboarding. I don’t have much time to spare, but the team provided expert guidance and best practices for which flows to use, which campaigns to send, and made it so easy.”

”Having 19 brands across several geographies requires a lot of organization. Having a dedicated resource with SMS experience that can bring in best practices and creative ideas has really been impactful.”

Wolfson Brands logo Daniel Lawman, Chief Digital Officer


Main Takeaways
Wolfson Brands enabled a variety of subscriber collection tools to engage customers, which resulted in 100% list growth.
Wolfson created exclusive SMS experiences with early access campaigns that have seen over 47% CTR on average.
SMS flows now account for more than half of their total SMS revenue, with 49x ROI on order confirmation flows.

Since joining Yotpo in June 2021, Wolfson Brands has seen 100% list growth. Thanks to their omnichannel approach to collecting subscribers with signup forms, keywords, and checkout opt-in, their subscriber lists have now more than doubled.

An SMS marketing message from Crazy Bulk

Wolfson Brands has leveraged these tools alongside campaigns and flows to create unique value for customers, without the need for heavy discounting. They use signup forms to invite customers to join their “VIP list” to get early access to sales and product releases, and flows to remind them about their exclusive discounts, with an average 47% CTR across three of their popular brands: CrazyBulk, TestoPrime, and PhenQ.

“With SMS, we can create a sense of exclusivity for our customer,” says Lawman. Responses to a recent Yotpo survey show a similar sentiment from shoppers — more than 49% value getting early access to sales or new releases through SMS. This strategy has been extremely effective for Wolfson, driving more revenue and over 35x ROI. Their Black Friday early access sale was especially significant, bringing in triple the sales from the previous year after joining Yotpo SMS & Email.

Wolfson Brands also leverages the order confirmation flow to promote their free digital guides for weight loss and nutrition, seeing a 56% average CTR across top brands, CrazyBulk and PhenQ. And, by bringing users back to their websites with helpful, free resources, these flows have also driven customers to make more purchases. Their order confirmation flows bring in a fantastic 49x ROI, while their total SMS flows account for more than half of their SMS revenue to date.

Daniel Lawman headshot

”SMS cuts through the noise. Brands are sending more and more emails to try to reach customers, but with texts from Yotpo SMS & Email, they’re opened in an instant. It’s incredible to be there instantly for your customers.”

Wolfson Brands logo Daniel Lawman, Chief Digital Officer

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