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LSKD’s Subscriber Growth Soars 310% in 6 Months With Yotpo SMS

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Australian activewear brand LSKD takes pride in being "customer obsessed" when it comes to creating great experiences. Having built a community that shares their brand values of sport, fitness, and adventure, LSKD is committed to providing the highest quality sportswear and streetwear to support their customers' active lifestyles.


Main Takeaways
LSKD’s original SMS provider was missing fundamental messaging capabilities, which hindered their ability to maximize engagement and revenue.
The brand desired a solution to grow their mobile audience and better engage subscribers with thoughtful SMS experiences.
They needed a platform, like Yotpo, that leveraged data for more targeted messaging vs. blasting all customers.

As a fast-moving brand looking to scale their online community, LSKD strives to deliver exceptional service to their customers at every turn. Knowing the power of SMS marketing to reach and engage shoppers, the brand was quick to incorporate it into their eCommerce marketing strategy.

LSKD sportswear

“Most don’t realize how powerful it is to send a text. With everyone on their phones, you can actively engage with your community,” says Jason Daniel, Founder & CEO, LSKD.

While they were producing high returns with their original SMS provider, they were missing fundamental SMS capabilities that would allow them to connect with and grow their community through personalized experiences at scale. The brand craved more than the ability to send one-off campaigns to all customers — they needed key SMS platform elements like segmentation and a variety of top-performing flows that could support their strategy of driving value to accelerate business growth.

Jason Daniel, Founded & CEO of LSKD

”We knew that SMS worked, but we didn’t know the perfect platform that fit our growing business needs - one that could help us expand and connect with our customers...until we met the Yotpo SMS team.”

LSKD logo Jason Daniel, Founder + CEO


Main Takeaways
LSKD migrated from their SMS provider to Yotpo SMS to drive more revenue from the channel and create lasting customer relationships.
LSKD wanted a convenient, synergized solution that combined data from both their Loyalty & Referrals and SMS programs for more informed conversations with customers.
LSKD benefitted from Yotpo’s Customer Success experts, who made their transition to Yotpo SMS seamless and fast.

While considering Yotpo for their new loyalty solution, LSKD learned of Yotpo SMS's advanced features, including triggered messages, personalization, and segmentation capabilities that they didn’t even know were offered by SMS providers. “It wasn’t even a question,” says Will Bolton, Digital Marketing, LSKD, when discussing the decision to switch. With both loyalty & referrals and SMS products speaking together under one roof, the brand could send more meaningful messages to customers and build relationships across channels.

LSKD SMS subscriber collection tool

The migration and onboarding experience were a breeze. “Yotpo made our transition easy from our other provider. We’re not the SMS experts, so having an expert help us onboard to get the channel up and running quickly helped us see results fast and let us focus on our brand,” says Daniel.

The Yotpo SMS CSM team has since become an integral partner in LSKD’s SMS growth. Not only do they ensure SMS best practices, they also support the brand by strategizing campaigns that generate FOMO and excitement within the LSKD community to attract more SMS subscribers than the brand ever thought possible.

Will Bolton, Digital Marketing at LSKD

”Once we knew how much more advanced and automated Yotpo SMS was than our other platform, it wasn’t even a question. To have everything under one roof with the loyalty program really made our decision easy.”

LSKD logo Will Bolton, Digital Marketing


Main Takeaways
LSKD enabled multi-channel subscriber collection tools that resulted in 310% list growth.
SMS has become one of their top performance channels with 81x ROI on flows.
Their unique product drop campaigns provided a value exchange to customers and drove 60x ROI.

Since migrating to Yotpo SMS six months ago, LSKD’s subscriber growth has skyrocketed 310%. By following the SMS best practice of capturing customers wherever they are with an omnichannel approach, LSKD has successfully driven subscribers from their pop-up (which has a notable 89% CVR), as well as from checkout, from their Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals program, and through word of mouth via their Facebook group.

When asked about their SMS performance since signing up with Yotpo SMS, Bolton says, “We’ve seen higher conversions on SMS than on email.” The brand was most excited to leverage the endless amount of flows Yotpo SMS offered, enabling welcome, abandoned cart, browse abandonment, and loyalty points reminder flows for an average of 81x ROI.

As a brand who prioritizes providing an overall value exchange over discounts, they asked themselves, “How can we give our community value and also give them a reason to sign up?” says Bolton. According to a recent Yotpo survey, 53% of global shoppers would sign up for SMS because they want to know immediately about promotions, offers, and updates, and 49% say early access to sales or new releases is a primary motivator for opting in. The most valuable incentive for customers, LSKD found, was giving them this opportunity to always stay informed.

The strategy proved highly effective for the brand. After hyping up their upcoming activewear release via an SMS product launch campaign, LSKD drove an impressive 60x in ROI, and they continue to maximize success with a much more engaged — and continuously growing — SMS subscriber base today.

Jason Daniel, Founder & CEO of LSKD

”With Yotpo, SMS is now a long-term plan for success for us. Previously we were doing one-off campaign blasts to our customers, but now we can focus on incorporating feedback from our audience into our triggered flows as well as plan out regular campaigns to our community.”

LSKD logo Jason Daniel, Founder + CEO

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