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Tenderly Rooted Leverages Yotpo Subscriptions and SMS & Email to Drive Retention

Tenderly Rooted Sprouted Walnuts
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In 2018, Kaben Kramer, founder of Tenderly Rooted, moved back to his great-grandfather’s family farm located along Feather River in Northern California. Kaben’s family has farmed here since 1947, after the end of WWII. In 2018, Kaben began leasing the family farm. It quickly became apparent that the farm was struggling due to decreasing sales and rising costs, and in 2020 Kaben set out on his journey to modernize the farm and provide people with fresh and healthy snacks. That’s when Tenderly Rooted was born.


Main Takeaways
Tenderly Rooted needed a way to accurately predict their product's demand and in an effort to modernize the farming industry, subscriptions came to mind
Starting off with Recharge, Kaben quickly realized his mistake and needed a more sophisticated solution that could help him with retention
In addition, Kaben needed to leverage the right communication tool to bring his subscription strategy to fruition

Tenderly Rooted’s owner, Kaben Kramer, was tasked with managing the family farm, educating consumers on their signature product, building a brand presence, and managing customer satisfaction. In an effort to streamline his workload and have a reliable source of recurring revenue, Kaben started looking to implement a subscription program.

After a simple search, Kaben launched with the first app that came up - Recharge. He quickly realized this was not a good fit.

Tenderly Rooted Sprouted Walnuts in Different Flavors

Retaining customers and increasing repeat purchases from his top shoppers was high on Kaben’s priority list, but so was the communication strategy around his subscription program.

After a burst of growth, Kaben quickly realized that his previous subscriptions platform was simply not working for him. The costs and hidden fees started to add up, he was spending too much time scrambling for inventory and trying to teach himself and his customers to use a non-intuitive product.

Kaben’s team needed something with better pricing, better customer experience, and a faster implementation, and that’s when they turned to Yotpo Subscriptions

Kaben Kramer, Owner of Tenderly Rooted

”We needed something that could seamlessly integrate with Shopify and was easy to manage ourselves. Yotpo has developed a tool that is powerful, usable, and best of all, affordable!”

Tenderly Rooted logo Kaben Kramer, Owner


Main Takeaways
The brand found Yotpo Subscriptions through their existing partnership with Yotpo Reviews and Yotpo SMS & Email
Connecting their Yotpo products meant that Subscriptions and SMS could work together to engage customers about their subscription orders, elevating the customer experience
Using Click-To-Buy, the brand was able to streamline the buying process

Having used Yotpo successfully for Reviews and SMS & Email, Tenderly Rooted quickly switched from Recharge over to Yotpo Subscriptions. After a seamless onboarding in which the brand “just had to click a few buttons to give permission and Yotpo did the rest,” Kaben was pleased to see:

- The ability to filter and define the full range of customer segments based on their products, variants, charge date, subscriptions status and more

- The ability to mass update customer segments and “swap products” in a customer subscription instead of going customer by customer and engaging in multi-step updates

- A support team that listens to his needs

Product Page showcasing the Tenderly Rooted subscription options

Yotpo Subscriptions offers an intuitive way to build and manage subscription plans and a frictionless way to send subscription notifications through Yotpo SMS & Email. To take their retention strategy a step further, Tenderly Rooted uses Yotpo Subscriptions and Yotpo SMS & Email to automatically send subscription renewal reminders. This level of visibility ensures Tenderly Rooted’s customers have the flexibility and visibility they need into their subscriptions.

Yotpo’s ability to synergize with other Yotpo products was a great way to level up Tenderly Rooted’s retention strategy. “We leverage both Reviews and SMS & Email (and hope one day to get into Loyalty). Knowing that we can leverage the tools from one product into another product is transformative for customer ease and retention,” says Kaben.

In addition to creating a cohesive farm-to-consumer experience with Yopto, Tenderly Rooted streamlined their buying process. “With Click-To-Buy, everything our customers need is right in their pocket: BAM, one click for a quick and easy sales process, I love it!” says Kaben.

Click-To-Buy also offers Tenderly Rooted the ability to give exclusivity to their dedicated customers by offering discounts and early access for new and seasonal products. “When new products launch, we send out early access to our subscribers via SMS, email, and Instagram. We consistently see that our SMS channel sells out faster compared to our other communication channels,” says Kaben. From free shipping to a discount bump for an abandoned checkout, Yotpo SMS & Email helps drive new and repeat sales.

Tenderly Rooted SMS subscription text

”We leverage both Reviews and SMS & Email alongside subscriptions. Knowing that we can leverage the tools from one product into another product is transformative for customer ease and retention!”

Tenderly Rooted Logo Kaben Kramer, Owner


Main Takeaways
After launching subscriptions the brand saw a 20% increase in CLTV
Since launch the brand has seen an 11% increase in the number of customers with multiple subscriptions
Tenderly Rooted’s overall SMS program ROI is seeing a 89x ROI
Their small batch early access Click-To-Buy SMS campaign has seen 39x ROI with a 24% CTR

Tenderly Rooted modernization strategy is still new. As such, having a base of recurring subscribers allows the brand to have a steady revenue stream to plan for business growth.

“We define success by building a loyal core of customers. We’d rather have 500 customers spend $200 than have 5,000 customers spend $20. To that end, we are moving toward that core group. We have nearly 500 subscribers, and now we are focusing on increasing CLTV.”

Yotpo is helping Tenderly Rooted encourage subscribers to adopt new product offerings by increasing the number of customers with multiple subscriptions. “This means there is a growing core of customers who are die-hard fans of our brand and we are able to more effectively engage that core through Yotpo.”

Now that the brand can pull in data from Subscriptions, the team tailors SMS campaigns more specifically to various segments which in turn drive higher ROI on SMS campaigns. “SMS is massively successful. Probably the most profitable app in our tech stack”.

Tenderly Rooted’s SMS program is seeing amazing results with 89x overall program ROI. To drill down deeper, one of their Click-To-Buy campaigns, offering early access to a limited edition seasonal product, saw a 39x ROI with a 24% CTR. And by offering early access to their holiday promotions, they were able to achieve 200x+ ROI on two SMS campaigns!

With all these factors combined, Kaben hopes to grow to $1,000/day in recurring orders and eventually be known as the premier sprouted walnut brand in America.

Kaben Kramer, Owner of Tenderly Rooted

”The biggest fear is that no one will want a subscription, but that is an increasingly unfounded fear. Everyone wants subscriptions and everyone wants control. So just give them the ability to control the when and the how much and they’ll be thankful (and so will you).”

Tenderly Rooted Logo Kaben Kramer, Owner

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