DEG, Salesforce, & Yotpo Bridge Living Proof’s Data Gap

  • Industry
  • Platform & Agency
    Platform & Agency
    Salesforce Commerce Cloud & DEG
  • Challenge
    Finding the right solutions that would enable Living Proof to drive more traffic to owned channels
  • Solution
    DEG leveraged Yotpo & Salesforce to collect actionable data from Living Proof customers
  • Results
    135% uplift in average time on site, 3,000 new reviews, 1.6x increase in CVR
Living Proof solves beauty challenges with science from MIT. DEG solves Living Proof’s challenges with data from their customers.


Fed up with the limitations of conventional beauty products, a team of hair stylists and scientists came together to create Living Proof, a scientifically better hair care brand. Living Proof believes that that, “when brilliant science influences beauty, breakthroughs happen,” and their patented technology was created in this vein. 

After analyzing hundreds of beauty products that have been the norm for 30 years or more, they developed an award-winning solution to solve the root cause of the most common hair problems, earning more than 150 awards for their line of over 55 products. Since partnering with DEG, an Isobar Company, Living Proof’s robust tech stack allows them to take the same scientific approach to their eCommerce strategy. 

Yotpo is establishing credibility with our shoppers and adding value by providing real customer feedback — a valuable source of social proof that we will continue to leverage in the future.
Inga Ivaskeviciene
Inga Ivaskeviciene
Director, eCommerce Technology, Living Proof
in six months


With a lean eCommerce team, Living Proof sought help from DEG to build out an integrated tech stack that could streamline the processes behind a seamless customer journey, from acquisition to fulfillment. With many shoppers discovering Living Proof through third-party retail channels, the brand needed a way to bolster owned channels to better collect and leverage data from their customers.

By partnering with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Living Proof was able to start driving greater traffic to their site through influencer campaigns — providing them with customer data they hadn’t previously had. Now, Living Proof needed a partner, like Yotpo, that would enable them to put that powerful customer content and data to use to drive trust and build connections with their customers.

uplift in
average time on site


Through this partnership, Living Proof leverages Yotpo-powered reviews in both paid and organic search, giving the brand deeper insight into customers’ desires and preferences. In addition to significantly decreasing bounce rates and increasing conversion rates on site, this valuable social proof forges a better connection with customers and creates a more authentic, personalized brand experience throughout the buyer journey.

Yotpo is giving Living Proof access to customer data that they wouldn’t have had otherwise. The team was previously limited by their technology — now, with Yotpo and DEG, they can do whatever they want.
Mark Rubin
Mark Rubin
Senior Sales Engineering Director, DEG, an Isobar Company
It’s important to pick the right partner for your needs. Our focus is on providing the best customer experience, and our partnership with Yotpo is helping us accomplish that.
Inga Ivaskeviciene
Director, eCommerce Technology, Living Proof