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Yotpo integrates with the leading eCommerce platforms and apps to generate and maximize the power of user-generated content.


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AdRoll Ads

AdRoll is an E-commerce Growth Platform that helps over 37,000 brands grow revenue through seamless marketing, ads, and email campaigns.

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Ampifyme Other

Showcase your star ratings and customer reviews in instantly-loading pages and provide your customers with an engaging on site experience with Ampifyme.

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Antavo Loyalty & Rewards

Incentivize shoppers and motivate them to write reviews using Yotpo's integration with Antavo.

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Beeketing Boost Sales On-Site

Boost Sales app helps online store owners to create upsell & cross-sell offers by encouraging shoppers to add items to their cart or purchase bundles.

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BigCommerce eCommerce Platform

Yotpo's integration with BigCommerce allows merchants the power to grow their business and sell more.

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Bold Commerce On-Site

Add your best product reviews to your upsell popups and convert more customers with social proof by leveraging Yotpo's integration with Bold.

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Facebook Tech Partner

Drive new customers to your site, boost product and brand discovery, and create high-converting ad campaigns by leveraging Yotpo's official Facebook Marketing Partnership.

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Findify Search

Increase revenues and shorten the time to purchase by leveraging Yotpo's integration with Findify to add product ratings and reviews to search results

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Fomo On-Site

Add social proof to your website to drive marketing momentum and increase conversions by integrating Yotpo with Fomo.

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Google Tech Partner

Increase high-intent traffic from paid and organic search using Rich Snippets, Product Listing Ads and Google Seller Ratings with Yotpo's suite of advanced search solutions.

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Gorgias Help Desk

Gorgias is a customer support helpdesk designed for Shopify Stores.

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Hubspot Email Marketing

Integrate Hubspot with Yotpo to seamlessly sync contacts and collect reviews through your HubSpot workflows.

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Instagram Tech Partner

Generate, curate, and showcase your best customers to increase product discovery and boost conversion by leveraging our official partnership with Instagram.

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InstantSearch+ Search

Match shopper intent with highly relevant search results embedded with user-generated content by integrating Yotpo with Instantsearch+.

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Limespot On-Site

Show reviews next to your product recommendations to make purchase choices easier for consumers by integrating Yotpo with Limespot.

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Listrak Email Marketing

Listrak helps marketers unlock the power of their customer data to create personalized, 1:1 interactions that drive incremental revenue, engagement, lifetime value and growth.

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LoyaltyLion Loyalty & Rewards

Thousands of retailers worldwide use LoyaltyLion to add their own fully-customizable loyalty programs and increase customer engagement, retention and spend.

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Magento eCommerce Platform

As a Magento Premier Technology Partner, Yotpo helps over 10,000 Magento stores increase trust and sales by effectively leveraging user-generated content across the buyer journey.

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Mailchimp Email Marketing

Showcase your best customer quotes from reviews in your email campaigns to boost click-through rate and conversions using Yotpo's integration with Mailchimp.

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Nextopia Search

Convert more visitors into new customers by showcasing your product star ratings on SERPs using Yotpo's integration with Nextopia.

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Nosto On-Site

Capture more customers with visual UGC, and create personalized shopping experiences at every customer touch point, across every device.

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Octane AI Messenger Bots

Octane AI increases sales for your store using Facebook Messenger.

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Oracle Bronto Email Marketing

Dynamically showcase the best reviews and star ratings for each product according to email campaign, and power your product offering with the most trustworthy content that drives higher click-through rates and sales.

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Pinterest Tech Partner

Boost brand discovery by using your user-generated content to create high-converting pins that drive Pinterest traffic directly to your product pages.

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Remarkety Email Marketing

Leverage Yotpo product reviews to provide social proof in every email sent to your customers.

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SAP Hybris eCommerce Platform

Automatically collect reviews and ratings after purchase and display your best user-generated content on product pages by leveraging Yotpo's integration with SAP Hybris.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud eCommerce Platform

Maximize the power of both platforms by seamlessly integrating Yotpo with your Salesforce Commerce Cloud store.

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SearchSpring Search

SearchSpring empowers online retailers with relevant and fast site search, navigation, and product recommendations providing a more engaging shopping experience for customers.

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Searchanise Search

Increase social proof, conversion rates, and sales, by showing product ratings in search results using Yotpo's integration with Searchanise.

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Shoelace Ads

Create high-performing retargeting ad campaigns that feature your best user-generated content with Yotpo's integration with Shoelace.

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Shopify eCommerce Platform

Yotpo helps the fastest-growing Shopify stores, such as MVMT, Pura Vida Bracelets, Leesa, Beardbrand, and UNTUCKit, to increase sales with user-generated content.

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Shopify Plus eCommerce Platform

Yotpo helps Shopify Plus brands such as Leesa Sleep, MVMT Watches, and Chubbies accelerate growth and maximize customer lifetime value.

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Incentivize customers to leave reviews by rewarding points through

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Stars and Stories Other

Leverage sampling services to access simple and speedy customer feedback for major product launches with Stars and Stories

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Swell Loyalty & Rewards

Build customized loyalty & referrals programs to engage existing customers and reach new ones.

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Twitter Tech Partner

Allow shoppers to share site and product reviews to their own personal Twitter feeds with just one click, and automatically push your best reviews to your feed by leveraging Yotpo's integration with Twitter.

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Vend Other

Automatically sync orders placed through your point of sale with Yotpo and collect more user-generated content to showcase on-site by integrating Vend with Yotpo.

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Volusion eCommerce Platform

Yotpo’s Volusion integration helps stores effectively leverage social proof to increase trust and sales, cultivate loyal customer advocates, and make better business decisions based on customer feedback.

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WooCommerce eCommerce Platform

Thousands of WooCommerce users like Novos Bed, Monq and Enso Rings leverage Yotpo’s partnership to increase qualified traffic and conversion by leveraging user-generated content across the buyer journey.

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Zendesk Help Desk

The integration between Yotpo and Zendesk allows brands to generate reviews about their customer service by leveraging Yotpo’s Mail After Service solution.

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Zinrelo Loyalty & Rewards

Easily reward the customers who write reviews for your brand by integrating Yotpo with Zinrelo.

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