Bob’s Discount Furniture Elevates Customer Experience With AI

  • Industry
    Furniture & Decor
  • Platform
    SAP Commerce Cloud
  • Challenge
    Getting the most out of their consumer feedback at scale, both on-site and behind the scenes
  • Solution
    Leverage AI to help customers quickly filter reviews by topic and use Insights to analyze consumer feedback at scale
  • Results
    Significant decrease in customer support requests & increase in customer satisfaction due to an enhanced on-site experience
For over 25 years, Bob’s Discount Furniture has been known for its superb service, honest prices, and high-quality products.


In 1991, Bob Kaufman set out to revolutionize the notoriously poor furniture shopping experience, which was renowned for its constant price fluctuations, gimmicks, and phony sales. The first Bob’s Discount Furniture store opened in Newington, Connecticut, offering fairer prices and quality furniture alongside great service. This resonated exceptionally well with customers and Bob’s quickly grew into a friendly furniture giant and household name.

Today, Bob’s is a booming omni-channel business with over 100 stores across the country and a thriving eCommerce presence. While it’s mission to provide unbeatable quality, price, and service remains as true as ever, Bob’s focus on innovation has been key to its online success. Bob’s has been firmly positioned as the fastest-growing furniture company in the United States.

Focusing on innovation keeps Bob's Discount Furniture ahead of the curve. By developing solutions that anticipate our customers' needs, Yotpo helps us to do exactly that.
Scott Perry
Scott Perry
VP, Executive Director of Digital and Omni-Channel Experience
Reviews Collected
In Under 6 Months


Only six months after implementing Yotpo, Bob’s had already collected over 25,000 product reviews to help shoppers’ make confident purchase decisions. The overwhelming willingness of customers to give feedback about Bob’s product and services brought on a new set challenges for the furniture giant to tackle.

Firstly, the more reviews Bob’s collected, the more reviews customers had to sift through to find the information they care about. Scott Perry, VP and Executive Director of Digital and Omni-Channel Experience explained, “individual products feature hundreds of reviews alone, but not every topic mentioned is important to every customer.Bob’s wanted a way to showcase relevant reviews effectively.

Secondly, with so many customer reviews now stored in the system, Bob’s needed to analyze and identify important trends in the customer feedback. This required a sophisticated tool that could dissect review data at scale and extract the insightful, valuable information that customers were sharing.

The data and information we get through Yotpo Insights is as real as it gets. It is real customers giving real feedback and due to the volume of reviews, it is very statistically relevant.


With digital innovation core to its mission, Bob’s was eager to try two of Yotpo’s new Artificial Intelligence-powered tools to address their challenges head on.

To improve the on-site experience for customers, Bob’s implemented Smart Filters. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Yotpo’s widget identifies the most popular, high-converting topics mentioned in Bob’s product reviews and then showcases them as interactive filters on-site.

“One customer may be style-focused, another will have comfort as their primary driver of consideration. Smart Filters allows shoppers to filter and read the most relevant reviews regarding their topic of interest.”

To understand customer feedback at scale, Bob’s leverages Yotpo’s cutting-edge analytics tool, Insights. Using sentiment analysis and NLP, Insights aggregates the topics mentioned in reviews and the customer sentiment towards each topic, allowing Bob’s to explore and analyze their consumer data.

“We are in the Insights dashboard regularly, it is a huge timesaver. We automatically see popular topics of interest, track customer sentiment, identify trends, and then dive deeper into certain products, categories, and locations. This helps us uncover untapped opportunities and make better business decisions.”
We want every new technology we deploy to serve a singular purpose: Providing a superior customer experience that enables shoppers to make the best decisions possible.
Scott Perry
VP, Executive Director of Digital and Omni-Channel Experience