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Yandy Powers Their Facebook Ads With UGC

  • Industry
    Lingerie, Swimwear & Costumes
  • Challenge
    Maximizing online sales through paid marketing channels, especially around Halloween & Valentine’s Day
  • Solution
    Yotpo’s Dynamic Product Ads for Facebook, which power ad campaigns with customer content and bring visitors back to their site to purchase
  • Results
    72% decrease in cost per click (CPC), 3x increase in click through rates (CTR), and 78% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS)
Yandy.com has become a leading online retailer for specialty women’s apparel, loved by Millennials and celebrities alike.


Yandy was founded in 2005, starting out as a small start-up operated out of Founder Chad Horstman’s garage in Arizona. By championing body positivity and fairly-priced, fashion-forward products, Yandy is now a go-to for sexy intimates and cheeky Halloween costumes. The lingerie brand also recently broke into the swimwear vertical, launching Yandy Swim at New York Fashion Week and sponsoring the swimsuit event at Miss USA.

Guided by the mantra “Own Your Sexy” and driven by a “passion for design, fit, and fashion,” Yandy continues to innovate products that empower the modern female.

“As soon as we switched on Yotpo’s Dynamic Product Ads, our results improved immediately. The ads that featured customer content eclipsed our old ads both in terms of value and efficiency, and generated 70% more sales.”
Eric Polatty
Eric Polatty
Digital Marketing Manager
Increase in
Compared to previous DPA campaigns


Yandy used Yotpo to generate customer reviews & photos and leverage that content to improve their search acquisition and on-site experience. However, the brand needed to maximize marketing efforts, especially on paid channels, and make the most of Halloween & Valentine’s Day — crucial holidays for Yandy’s sales.

Though Yandy had seen previous success with retargeting Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) on Facebook, during Halloween 2017, their DPA ad performance declined. Despite testing different approaches for targeting and bidding throughout Q4 2017, their ROAS barely reached a fraction of what it was.

"Our Facebook DPAs had been struggling for months, I thought we were going to have to pause the tactic altogether. While conversion rates had remained steady, the CPCs had gone through the roof, which killed our ROAS. Now, because of Yotpo's review feature, Facebook DPA for retargeting is a viable tactic for us again.”


Since they had already collected tons of great customer content with Yotpo, Yandy tried running DPAs featuring product reviews and ratings. Yotpo Ads made it possible for Yandy to target shoppers who had recently visited or abandoned carts on their site.

Using artificial intelligence, Yotpo Ads algorithmically pull the highest-converting reviews for specific products that visitors were previously looking at. These dynamic ads are particularly powerful because of Yotpo’s seamless Facebook partnership and integration, which allows Yandy to push forward the best reviews and constantly optimize their ads.

“I highly recommend using Yotpo’s Dynamic Product Ads. If you’re an eCommerce store spending significant dollars on Facebook Ads, you’re shooting yourself in the foot by not trying these out.”
Eric Polatty
Digital Marketing Manager