Soko Glam Used VIP Product Redemption to Inspire Customers

  • Industry
    Health & Beauty
  • Platform & integrations
    Platform & integrations
    Shopify Plus
  • Challenge
    Crafting a loyalty & referrals program that stands out in an industry where loyalty programs are the norm.
  • Solution
    Creatively utilizing Yotpo's tiers functionality to create a one-of-a-kind experience for top shoppers.
  • Results
    Within 6 months, over 170k program actions were taken including 12 redemptions per VIP shopper.
Husband and wife duo Charlotte and Dave Cho, co-founders of Soko Glam, brought the Korean beauty brand to life in 2012.


Soko Glam launched in 2012 with the goal of helping people discover Korean skin care, beauty trends, and cosmetics. Now based in New York City, the Soko Glam team regularly travels to Seoul to scour the Korean skincare and makeup markets, consult industry experts, and meet tastemakers to bring back the best selection of Korean beauty products for curation on Soko Glam.

Yotpo handled the entire implementation process while maintaining flexibility and open lines of communication, allowing us to provide feedback and customize every detail of the program to our unique needs.
Justine Chan
Head of Biz Dev, Partnerships, and Ops
Return on Investment
Since Program Launch


For big players in the cosmetics industry, a loyalty & referrals program is a necessity. As Soko Glam reached that next level, they were looking to implement a program that would help them not just blend in, but stand out.

Most loyalty & referrals programs make it easy for customers to earn points, but struggle to fully engage customers and earn widespread adoption. In fact, based on several studies of coupon usage, less than one hundredth of a percent of coupons offered by eCommerce businesses are ever redeemed. Why is this the case?

Sloppy program deployment and non-optimal incentives can hamper overall program effectiveness and leave customers uneducated and disinterested. Yotpo and Soko Glam worked together to create a deeply integrated solution that answers these problems and achieves high customer engagement.

Higher Redemption Rate
For VIP Customers


The “Soko Rewards” program is built to be multifaceted and appealing to customers with various spending habits. Entry-level users earn points for every purchase which can be redeemed through their custom designed rewards page or directly at checkout.

This seems simple enough, but the true value of the program lies in capitalizing on exclusivity. Soko Glam does this through a VIP tiers system that offers incremental value to shoppers who get more and more involved in their loyalty & referrals program. By offering limited edition products that can only be purchased with points by VIP customers, Soko Glam creates a unique “VIP-only” experience that generates more value from their top-performing customers.

“Allowing our customers to buy exclusive products with their points gives them added value and allows us to cut down on our costs at the same time. It’s a win-win across the board.”
Justine Chan
Head of Biz Dev, Partnerships, and Ops