How Green People Built a Better Buyer Journey with Yotpo

  • Industry
    Health & Beauty
  • Platform & Agency
    Platform & Agency
    Shopify Plus & Statement
  • Challenge
    Empower shoppers to find the right products by displaying relevant reviews across the buyer journey
  • Solution
    Add & display Custom Questions and Smart Filters to generate detailed reviews that are easy to sort through
  • Results
    22,000+ reviews collected, shoppers effortlessly discover products best suited to their needs, 48% more likely to return to site
For organic skincare pioneer Charlotte Vohtz, necessity really is the “mother” of invention.


In 1994, Charlotte’s daughter Alexandra was battling multiple skin allergies and eczema. Though she searched high and low, Charlotte was unable to find products for her child’s sensitive skin. Frustrated with the lack of options and unwilling to let Alexandra suffer, Charlotte took matters into her own hands, and began tailor-making her own organic lotions. 

In 1997, after years of research and development, Charlotte founded Green People. From the start, the company was committed to delivering cruelty-free skincare products with no synthetic chemicals, and setting a new standard for organic certification in the beauty industry. Today, the award-winning products are sold in national retailers like Waitrose and Holland & Barrett, in independent health food stores across the country and direct-to-consumer from the company’s eCommerce site. 

People with dry hair are now able to confidently buy the shampoo aimed at their needs, and that’s all because of informative reviews, Q&A, and photos, which we are able to collect and then intelligently display on our product pages.
Charlotte Vohtz
Charlotte Vohtz
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Green People wanted to grow their eCommerce channel by creating a better customer journey onsite. With multiple product lines across skincare, cosmetics, hair care, dental, and more, Green People needed a way to help shoppers figure out which products were right for them. To do this, they wanted to provide as much useful customer feedback as possible, throughout the very personal experience of shopping for health and beauty products. 

“When buying natural and organic products, it’s so beneficial to read other customers’ thoughts, have insight into how products worked for them, and see photo evidence,” says Charlotte. 

Knowing how critical reviews and user photos are for shoppers, Green People had tried out a reviews solution in the past — and were frustrated by the limited functionality and poor service. It was time to seek out a serious reviews partner, who would help take Green People’s user-generated content to the next level. 


From the outset, Green People was “captivated by Yotpo’s unique offering, which combines the power of reviews and visual UGC.”

The company started by implementing Yotpo reviews onsite. To get the absolute most out of these reviews, Green People added Custom Questions to their Mail After Purchase emails. Here, they were able to solicit specific, highly useful information from customers, including age, duration of time using the product, skin type, and much more. Green People were even able to customize their questions by product category, so that customers reviewing skincare products were asked different questions than customer reviewing hair care products. 

Next, the company displayed these valuable customer reviews onsite. By adding Smart Filters to product pages, Green People empowered shoppers to search for the reviews most relevant to their specific concerns. The company additionally enabled Yotpo’s Q&A widget, so that they could respond directly to customer questions. 

Finally, by collecting photos from reviews and Instagram and showcasing them on product pages, Green People was able to influence purchase decisions, by showing shoppers results from real customers.

Being able to respond to reviews is essential in an industry as personal as skincare. It lets us turn a negative review into a positive engagement with a customer.
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The more you dive into analytics, work with your account manager, and treat your software as a true revenue driver, the more you will get out of it.
Charlotte Vohtz