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Dossier Upgrades to Yotpo SMS & Email and Sees 20% of Revenue From SMS

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With Dossier, you don’t have to overpay for luxury. Tired of all the premium fragrances with premium price tags, the brand sought to disrupt the perfume industry by providing consumers with fair alternatives to luxury perfumes. Now everyone can experience the same high-quality scents at a fraction of the cost.


Main Takeaways
Dossier turned to SMS marketing to build relationships with customers and drive more sales than ever before.
Dossier’s previous SMS provider was missing key product functionalities, such as revenue-driving flows and the accessible data they needed to create better engagements.
The brand desired an SMS solution that was synergetic with the rest of their tech stack and had a dedicated CSM team to provide best practices.

Dossier looked to SMS for a new engagement channel that could drive more sales and brand awareness, as well as create long-lasting relationships with their customers. As they were already present on email, social, and paid ads, "SMS was the obvious next step" in their eCommerce marketing strategy, says Ines Guien, VP Operations at Dossier.

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The brand started their SMS marketing journey with a different SMS provider and found the initial results impressive. However, they soon ran into product limitations with this provider when trying to build on their SMS strategy — they wanted to enable more revenue-driving flows (like loyalty status updates), as well send more targeted messages to customers using segmentation.

But SMS was still a newer channel for Dossier, so having a dedicated team to help manage not only the initial launch, but also the ongoing strategy and execution of these goals was essential. At the same time, Dossier was on the hunt for a new reviews product, and their need to consolidate their tech stack and access all of their customer data in one place was growing as fast as their brand. "As our brand was growing, we longed for an SMS solution that was not only synergetic with our tech stack, but also had a team that could help us maximize our success on the channel," says Ines.

So Dossier began their search for a new SMS provider and quickly discovered Yotpo SMS & Email, who could offer all these things and more.

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”We know so much more about our customers with Yotpo SMS & Email than we did with our previous provider, so we are able to more appropriately communicate with them. Because of this data, we have driven way more sales.”

Dossier company logo Ines Guien, VP Operations, Dossier


Main Takeaways
Dossier migrated from their previous SMS provider to Yotpo SMS & Email to gain integrated data, consistent support, and SMS expertise.
Tech stack consolidation solidified the brand’s decision to transition services.
Dossier now thrives alongside the dedicated Yotpo SMS & Email team, who supports their SMS program’s growth.

The decision to migrate to Yotpo SMS & Email was easy to make once Dossier learned they could have access to SMS, reviews, and loyalty solutions all through Yotpo’s single platform. This multi-product offering met all of the brand’s needs — bringing valuable customer data from different sources under one roof, alongside expert Customer Success Managers and Strategists who support each product line.

"With Yotpo SMS & Email, we have access to more data points and there are more features that help us scale and drive more success with SMS than with our previous provider. That, and having three products under one roof was a dealbreaker for us," says Ines.

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From day one Dossier would not only have access to more customer data through Yotpo SMS & Email, but also guidance on SMS best practices whenever they needed it. "We needed SMS guidance. We feel good knowing Yotpo SMS & Email's team are experts who can support us and help us grow," says Ines.

Yotpo’s suite of services didn’t disappoint. "Each week we want to know how we can do better, what’s next for our SMS program, and we feel inspired working with Yotpo who supports our growth and can help us continue driving even more success," says Ines.

”With Yotpo SMS & Email, we always feel supported. We’re not experts, we need SMS guidance and we feel good knowing Yotpo's team are experts who can support us and help us grow.”

Dossier company logo Ines Guien, VP Operations, Dossier


Main Takeaways
With Yotpo SMS & Email, Dossier enhances triggered messages with personalized offers, driving 243x ROI.
The brand leverages Yotpo’s robust segmentation engine to target their customers with relevant messages to keep unsubscribe rates low (only 0.5%).
Dossier benefits from Yotpo synergies, seeing 2x higher CVR on SMS review requests and 75x ROI on the VIP tier upgrade flow.
Dossier has access to more data with Yotpo SMS & Email and has driven more sales as a result, with 20% of their revenue now attributed to SMS.

Since migrating to Yotpo SMS & Email and gaining access to the platform’s comprehensive data and analytics, Dossier has been able to give existing subscribers better SMS experiences through consistent and relevant campaigns. "We’ve been able to personalize campaigns better with exclusive offers to ensure each customer gets a unique experience," says Ines. Dossier’s triggered messages alone see 243x ROI, and the brand hopes to take these numbers even higher.

In addition, Dossier has been able to rely on the support of their dedicated SMS Strategist to maximize subscriber collection. "We created a landing page and added Social Opt-in to drive more subscribers than ever before," says Ines. With these new tools and support, the brand has seen a consistent increase in subscribers, achieving 151% list growth over 6 months.

Previously, Dossier had some hesitation around sending campaigns as consistently as they do now. "We wanted to be mindful of how often we communicated via SMS with our customers, but Yotpo SMS & Email's segmentation capabilities have been a game changer. We’re able to send more personalized messages on a regular basis, which have been well received by our community and allow us to maintain a low unsubscribe rate," says Ines. In fact, Dossier managed a 0.5% unsubscribe rate across all of their campaigns in the last three months as a result of this targeted messaging.

Since enabling Yotpo SMS & Email's synergistic flows, Dossier has also been able to generate more reviews, seeing 2x higher CVR on SMS review requests compared to email requests, as well as a tremendous 75x ROI on their VIP tier flow, in which they announce a customer’s tier upgrade and exciting new perks!

Outside of their initial welcome offer, SMS is now responsible for 20% of the brand’s total revenue. And since choosing Yotpo SMS & Email, Dossier has seen an impressive 41x program ROI overall.

”We spend so little on SMS and our sales are huge. The ROI on SMS is one of the best in comparison to all of our channels.”

Dossier company logo Ines Guien, VP Operations, Dossier

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