Campus Protein Reach Millennials With Yotpo Instagram Ads

  • Industry
    Nutrition Supplements
  • Platform
  • Challenge
    Leverage their customer reviews across social channels to effectively reach their demographic and reap the value of UGC
  • Solution
    Utilize social ads on Instagram and social push on Facebook and Twitter
  • Results
    Generated 8,300 reviews, 2 x CTR On Yotpo ad vs. regular Instagram ad and a 45 % avg. CPA decrease on Yotpo ads vs. regular Instagram ads
Campus Protein has disrupted the supplements industry by selling their products exclusively online at affordable prices


Campus Protein is changing the way university students get their workout supplements. It started when its founders got fed up paying too much for supplements, so they decided to order wholesale and sell to their peers. According to CMO Tarun Singh, they kept costs low by using word-of-mouth marketing and selling exclusively online, thereby bypassing typical expenses their competitors faced.

Five years after its founding, Campus Protein has reps to spread the word on over 200 American university campuses, and it has grown revenue 100% year over year since 2012.

When people see our reviews on social media, they see the real voice of our customers, not some gimmicky ad.
Tarun Singh
Tarun Singh
CMO of Campus Protein
CTR on Yotpo Ad vs.
Regular Instagram Ads


“Peer-to-peer recommendations are a big part of our business, but they can only do so much,” Singh explained. Campus Protein needed a way to engage its youthful customer base at scale. “Our demographic is always on social media and we have over 50,000 followers on Instagram. We needed a way to meet them on every social network, every day in every way.”

“It was a given that we needed reviews, but we knew that without a way to show them off to our followers, we wouldn’t be getting all the value we could out of them” Singh said.


“Yotpo was an obvious choice for us. No other solution had the advanced social capabilities that would help us accomplish our goals,” Singh said.

“Social Push sounded awesome. We have tons of followers on Facebook and Twitter, so automatically sharing our reviews there just made sense,” Singh explained. “But social ads are what sealed the deal. Our audience — fitness-oriented university students — is all over Instagram, so being able to easily create Instagram ads out of reviews clicked for us.”

Avg. CPA Decrease on Yotpo Ads
vs. Regular Instagram Ads
Yotpo helps our marketing come full circle. Our reviews aren’t just sitting on our site; they’re actively working for us.
“If an ad or campaign isn’t successful, don’t give up. A little bit of patience, the willingness to try different platforms and ad types, and a decent methodology, will lead to plenty of successes.”
Tarun Singh
CMO of Campus Protein