Loyalty ROI Calculator

Savvy brands are doubling down on loyalty and referrals to offset rising acquisition costs. But what’s the bottom line of implementing these solutions on your site? Based on metrics from thousands of Yotpo loyalty programs, this calculator is designed to show you the revenue uplift you can potentially see from a strategic loyalty program.

Depending on your vertical, you may see different results from your loyalty and referral programs. We’ll tailor your results using industry-specific benchmarks from our database.

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Your annual orders

How many orders does your brand process per year?

Your annual customers

How many new customers do you get each year?


What is the average order value for your customers?

Purchases per customer
Purchases per customer

Purchases per customer is the metric that is typically most impacted by a loyalty program. Programs can be designed to focus on increasing repeat purchase rate, decreasing time to second purchase, and more.


Keep going to find how your industry can impact your uplift.

Calculating Your Results
Your gross margin:
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Incremental revenue lift with Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals
{{finalResRaw.Low}} - {{finalResRaw.High}}
Total projected annual revenue with Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals
{{finalRes.Low}} - {{finalRes.High}}
Low end High end
Increase in AOV Projected increase for program members
Increase in Purchases Per Customer Projected increase for program members
Percentage of Customers who Become Members Projected loyalty program membership
Percentage of Customers who Successfully Refer Friends Projected referral results
These outcomes are determined based on industry benchmarks from Yotpo’s database of loyalty and referral programs.
Your inputs:
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Annual customers {{toValidNum(values.step_1['annual_customers'])}}
AOV {{currencySign}}{{toValidNum(values.step_1['aov'])}}
Gross margin {{values.step_2.gross_margin}}
Current annual revenue generated {{currencySign}}{{toValidNum(annualRevenues)}}
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