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Ruohonjuuri Sees 350% Increase in Reviews After Launching Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals

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Founded in 1982 in Finland, Ruohonjuuri is a retail chain and eCommerce store specializing in natural cosmetics, organic food, supplements, and other health products.


Main Takeaways
Ruohonjuuri wanted to provide the same cohesive customer experience across their online and offline channels.
After migrating to Shopify Plus, Ruohonjuuri needed a robust Reviews and Loyalty partner to help them improve their purchasing experience.
The brand needed a partner that offers robust customer data in order to develop in-depth user profiles that help create hyper-relevant customer experiences.

Being a global domain and retail brand, Ruohonjuuri wanted to provide a cohesive customer experience for all shoppers, especially as they launched brick-and-mortar locations and sites in new languages.

Ruohonjuuri products

Ruohonjuuri's recent migration to Shopify Plus opened the door to new partnership opportunities. Looking to build and maintain brand trust, Ruohonjuuri set out to find a reviews partner that could collect a robust amount of user-generated content like site reviews, product reviews, photos, and videos as they launched new sites. The brand needed to find a way to align their customer-facing experience online and in-store to reward customers and collect user-generated content.

However, Ruohonjuuri knew collecting the content was just a first step; the brand needed a partner capable of amplifying UGC across their marketing channels, like Google.

Ruohonjuuri also struggled with collecting shopper behavior data. “We have repeat customers, but very little insight into their purchase frequency, average order value, or even what a customer is purchasing on a repetitive timeframe,” says Tiina Tuohi, eCommerce Manager at Ruohonjuuri.

Mikko Rekola headshot

”Yotpo is an absolute favorite of our eCommerce growth team in building customer engagement on many levels with brands. Yotpo shows a true interest in co-creation with customers.”

Woolman logo Mikko Rekola, Head of eCommerce Growth Team at Woolman


Main Takeaways
Ruohonjuuri partnered with two strategic eCommerce partners, Woolman and Yotpo.
Yotpo’s eCommerce marketing platform allowed Ruohonjuuri to leverage powerful product synergies between Reviews and Loyalty.
Using Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals data to enrich loyalty campaigns, Ruohonjuuri better understood their customers and increased program impact.
The brand implemented two-in-one review requests to quickly increase on-site social proof to syndicate their reviews with Google and boost traffic.

Ruohonjuuri partnered with Yotpo and Woolman, the largest Shopify Plus agency in Europe, to build a strong eCommerce architecture to scale growth and navigate complex integrations.

Until mid-2021, Ruohonjuuri manually handled in-store loyalty membership with stamp cards, requiring shoppers to track loyalty rewards themselves. In short, this strategy created an inconvenient user experience. Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals' customer success manager helped convert Ruohonjuuri’s manual stamps into “cones,” or points, for writing reviews and submitting photos and videos within their reviews. After only a month of implementing these campaigns, the programs saw a 350% increase in review collection.

Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals’ analytics allowed Ruohonjuuri to enrich their customer profiles and deliver highly personalized loyalty experiences, like recommending products based on diet preferences or skin concerns.

With the launch of a new English-language site, Ruohonjuuri used Yotpo-collected user-generated content as a cornerstone for search engine localization. Through Yotpo’s 2-in-1 review request feature, Ruohonjuuri quickly collected numerous product and site reviews, photos, and videos. The result? Enhanced Google search results and abundant social proof for their new site.

“Since the ratings are also visible in Google ads, the impact value is double,” says Tuohi.

Ruohonjuuri also used Yotpo’s advanced Visual UGC capabilities with Instagram to collect even more real-life customer photos and videos. “We never have to worry about rights management issues. Yotpo makes it so seamless for us to ask permission and incorporate our customers' Instagram pictures on our product pages,” says Tuohi.

Ruohonjuuri specializes in a wide variety of health and wellness products, which require comprehensive review moderation, as health claims are highly regulated. Yotpo Reviews help Ruohonjuuri’s eCommerce team moderate content effortlessly.

Ruohonjuuri rewards
Photo of Ruohonjuuri eCommerce Manager, Tiina Tuohi.

”Our experience [working] with the Yotpo team is golden. Yotpo is determined to understand our needs and see the value for other eCommerce merchants too.”

Ruohonjuuri logo Tiina Tuohi, eCommerce Manager at Ruohonjuuri


Main Takeaways
One month after implementing loyalty campaigns, reviews collection rates increased by over 350%.
Customers who interact with reviews have a 183% higher conversion rate than those who do not.
Loyalty redeemers have a 175% higher repeat purchase rate than non-redeemers.

Thanks to a close partnership with Yotpo and Woolman and the synergies between Yotpo’s Reviews and Loyalty programs, Ruohonjuuri seamlessly expanded their eCommerce efforts.

The Yotpo platform architecture helps Ruohonjuuri understand the correlation between Reviews and Loyalty and provides noteworthy momentum for automating their eCommerce business. By generating actionable insights through better understanding their customers, Ruohonjuuri made their goal a reality.

By collecting authentic reviews, Ruohonjuuri significantly increases sales. For example, customers who interact with reviews have a 183% higher conversion rate than those who do not. In addition, the brand uses insights from negative customer reviews to help improve product quality and overall shopping experience. “Analyzing our reviews, both positive and negative, has helped us improve our offerings and has helped the brand increase our overall star rating from a 4.5 to a 4.6 out of the max 5 stars,” says Tuohi.

Additionally, reward “cones” boost reviews collection exponentially. “The number of reviews increased dramatically when we launched Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals — the amount of reviews jumped by more than 350% in one month,” says Tuohi.

Previously, Ruohonjuuri wasn’t able to track the percentage of repeat customers versus new customers. Using Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals, the brand now has in-depth knowledge about shoppers; loyalty redeemers have a 175% higher repeat purchase rate than non-redeemers. This data is valuable for the brand as they continue to scale and predict purchase behaviors.

Graph showing increase in review collection of 350% after loyalty program launch

”The amount of reviews increased dramatically when we launched Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals in all sales channels and started to collect reviews from the in-store purchases.”

Ruohonjuuri logo Tiina Tuohi, eCommerce Manager at Ruohonjuuri

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