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How Shopify Hardware uses Yotpo Reviews & Insights for Product Development

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After Shopify’s latest hardware store release, Shopify Hardware, Shopify partnered with Yotpo to help generate actionable insights to better understand customer sentiment surrounding Shopify Hardware.


Main Takeaways
As a global eCommerce provider, Shopify needed a partner that could help them collect feedback on a global scale.
They needed a solution that provides robust functionality and offers advanced content collection and reporting features.
Shopify knew they needed a scalable solution as they rolled out new features, products, and integrations.

Shopify Hardware includes Shopify’s POS terminals and accessories that integrate seamlessly with Shopify’s POS software, the Shopify Retail POS app, which also works on Androids or iOS smartphones or tablets. As Shopify expands their Shopify Hardware reach, they wanted to ensure successful product development by collecting in-depth customer feedback.

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Specifically, they needed insights surrounding the hardware’s functionality, integration, setup, and ease of use. By analyzing customer feedback, powered by Yotpo Reviews, Shopify can enhance their product, ensure functionality, streamline their hardware, and make thoughtful cost-saving business decisions.


Main Takeaways
With Yotpo Reviews, Shopify is able to engage with their customers on a global scale.
Leveraging custom questions offers them more accurate feedback from their customers.
Yotpo’s internal engine provides in-depth insights, advanced metrics, and robust data reporting.

Shopify uses their card readers in retail stores with each new global expansion. Likewise, they want to ensure functionality in their hardware devices, an intuitive user experience, and an easy set-up process. This is where Yotpo Reviews come into play.

With Shopify Hardware being a household name globally, they needed a partner that could match a global scale. With offices in popular commerce hubs around the world, such as New York, London, Tel Aviv, Sofia, Sydney, Austin, and more, Yotpo can maximize customer feedback reach.

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Even more so, with Yotpo’s Review Insights, Shopify collected vital feedback from various businesses across multiple industries and segments.

Insights and Reviews allow Shopify to seamlessly collect high-quality content, ask custom questions for even more detailed feedback, and analyze customer sentiment with robust Insights tools and data reporting capabilities.

”Being able to collect product feedback, at scale, has helped our R&D teams immensely as we’re expanding Shopify Hardware’s reach.”

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Analyzing product feedback with Yotpo-powered customer reviews, provides Shopify with actionable insights to help enhance their product. Reviews don’t just build trust and increase engagement with your customers — they can also strengthen product development, provide invaluable feedback to R&D, and improve business operations.

Understanding your product from your customer's perspective is crucial when rolling out new products, updating or adding new features, and making vital business decisions.

”With Yotpo’s advanced Reviews features, like custom questions, we can really hone in on the specific product feedback we are looking for. ”

Shopify logo Tim Yap, Retail Hardware - eCommerce

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