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You spend nearly a third of your life on your mattress, so buying one is a pretty big decision. Leesa, a mattress company that generated $30 million in revenue in its first year, is making it easier for consumers to make the right decision by forgoing the traditional mattress-purchasing route.

Instead of forcing consumers to make a quick, in-store purchase decision, they ship mattresses to their customers’ homes for a free 100-night trial. Ted Pfeifer, the man in charge of Leesa’s burgeoning UK business, told us how Leesa has become the fastest growing business using Shopify.


Leesa was started by a group of both mattress & eCommerce industry veterans, but it is a lean team. “We wanted to establish trust without having to put in too many resources,” Pfeifer said. It was clear from day one that reviews were an essential key to success for any start-up eCommerce endeavor.



“After a thorough research of best reviews platforms for Shopify, Yotpo was an easy choice,” Pfeifer explained. “We loved that shoppers could see whether a review was written by a verified buyer or not.” The last thing the team wanted was to invest in collecting reviews only to have people question their authenticity. Pfeifer said that “now if shoppers ask about review authenticity, we just point them to Yotpo to see for themselves how it works from purchase, to automated email, to a review on-site.”


“So far we have 2000 reviews and 1800 of them are 5 stars.” Pfeifer said they’ve also surveyed their competitors’ websites and “we’re the most reviewed mattress site there is.” With a 10% conversion rate from purchase to review, Leesa is bound to stay the most highly reviewed mattress for the foreseeable future.

Leesa is also benefitting from reviews in unique ways. In one instance, when launching Leesa’s UK store, Pfeifer didn’t just want to import reviews from the brand’s US site. The mattresses are slightly different from the American version and integrity was simply too important. Leesa wasn’t worried, however – they knew the reviews would soon come. In lieu of that they’ve turned the reviews from the American store into a blog post that they’ve promoted across the UK site.


“So many customers tell us that they buy our mattresses because we have the best reviews. The importance of many excellent reviews can’t be overstated.”

Yotpo has paid for itself many times over. We have the most reviewed mattress there is.

- Ted Pfeifer, General Manager of Leesa UK

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