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Fairfax & Favor, a quintessentially British luxury footwear and accessories company puts customers at the center of everything they do. Founded by childhood friends Marcus Fountaine and Felix Parker, who lent their middle names to the brand, the company has grown to £3 million in revenue over 4 years.
“Whether it’s using them as models for our products or letting them pick the name of the newest item,” explains Marcus, “we are completely focused on our customers.”


“Without content, like reviews and photos, from customers, you cannot sell online,” explained Marcus. “We were using Shopify’s built-in solution to collect reviews, but we weren’t getting the numbers we needed. From talking directly to our customers, we knew they loved our products and we needed a way to share that.”



Marcus ordered a watch from MVMT and received a review request email unlike he’d ever seen before. In it, he was able to write and submit a review directly from the email, without clicking through to a webpage. “I thought that was fabulous,” Marcus said, “and we needed to get that for Fairfax & Favor.”


“Our experience with Yotpo has been brilliant,” said Marcus. “We’ve had a massive increase in reviews and our conversion rate has doubled since we installed it.” Marcus was also happy to discover that reviews were just the beginning. “My favorite thing about Yotpo is the all-in-one nature of the software,” said Marcus, “We can not only collect reviews and photos but engage with customers through commenting, upsell them on related products and more. Plus we’re able to track everything in the dashboard.”


“User-generated content is massive in online marketing today. You need to build that trust with your customers and have their real words and photos to do your marketing for you.”

Without content — like reviews and photos — from your customers, you cannot sell online.

- Marcus Fountaine, Co-founder of Fairfax & Favor

Reviews are just the beginning

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