Excellence Award


Excellence Award


Outstanding agency driving mutual client success through innovative eCommerce strategies, that exhibits commitment to the partnership, consistency and quality of shared business, expertise with Yotpo’s full suite of products, and support across the entire customer lifecycle.

Overdose. is the anti-agency agency, a global family of 420+ commerce professionals with industry-defining capability across strategy, experience, technology, marketing, search, data, and insights.

Nature Baby builds a better buyer journey with Yotpo Reviews

Organic baby apparel brand Nature Baby approached Overdose. to help them find a new reviews solution, as the platform they were using was limiting their ability to achieve their objectives.

Overdose. suggested Yotpo as an ideal solution to Nature Baby’s problem, taking into account their specific requirements and expectations for customization and product synergies across their tech stack. The team at Nature Baby was impressed with Yotpo’s vast array of integration options, custom question functionality, and front-end customization flexibility, which perfectly aligned with their needs. Working alongside Nature Baby and Yotpo, Overdose. successfully implemented Yotpo’s platform and product synergies to enhance the brand’s customer retention, buyer journey, and post-purchase experiences across various global markets, including New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, and America.

One of the key features of Yotpo’s platform that greatly benefited Nature Baby was the ability to set up Custom Questions for each product. This approach enabled customers to provide helpful feedback, including fit, a child’s age and measurements, and usage frequency. This data was then published to the on-site widget, providing social proof and increasing customers’ confidence in the brand’s products.

The implementation of Yotpo’s solutions has yielded impressive results for the brand. The reviews email campaign has achieved a 55% open rate; visitors who engage with a Yotpo asset on the Nature Baby website have shown an impressive 60% increase in average time spent on the site; 90% of the reviews on the Nature Baby site are 5 stars, demonstrating the power of Yotpo’s review generation tools in promoting positive customer feedback and building trust with their audience; and finally, the sentiment score for review topics such as Quality, Fit, Design, and Material is an outstanding 100, which is above industry standard. This reflects the exceptional quality of the brand’s products, as well as the effectiveness of Yotpo’s tools in capturing and amplifying positive customer feedback.

Overdose.’s partnership with Yotpo has enabled the agency to drive a real conversation between their clients and their clients’ customers. The agency works with many new brands, and often they are founded and run by a team made up of their own target customers. As brands develop, the team sometimes can lose sight of movements in opinion or taste in their customer base. Yotpo helps Overdose. to put the right aggregate data and specific examples in front of each client so they will always think like their own best customer.

Our partnership with Yotpo continues to strengthen with each year that passes. The local ANZ team at Yotpo provides exceptional service and engagement with our team across partnership management, commercial engagement, and most importantly, technical solutioning and support. Furthermore, we have a strong level of educational support from the Yotpo team in demonstrating the product and continually upskilling our team on the ever-evolving product features of Yotpo. This is critical for us at Overdose., as subject matter expertise amongst our team is something we pride ourselves on.
Laura Jackson

CEO Australia at Overdose.

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