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World-class agency designing seamless, user-centric and highly creative eCommerce experiences, and pushing the boundaries of Yotpo’s platform to delight customers with engaging loyalty programs and conversion-boosting UGC assets across the user journey.

Growth Gurus is a team of marketing mavericks, data-lovers, and creative thinkers that help eCommerce businesses that are smaller than they want to be to grow through lifecycle marketing, strategy, copywriting, design, data analysis, and much more.

Yotpo’s platform powers KAS Australia’s growth and retention strategies

Home furnishing brand KAS Australia had a problem: they didn’t have a high-quality loyalty program to keep their current customers engaged, nor did they have the tools to create powerful and effective communication. They reached out to Growth Gurus to help them build a program that would give their customers incentives to keep coming back.

Growth Gurus recommended Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals because it has the most robust loyalty program capabilities for eCommerce stores. They used the solution to build Style Society, a dynamic and robust tiered loyalty program that offered discounts and rewards. Additionally, the agency implemented Yotpo Reviews to build trust and credibility with potential buyers and enhance the overall customer experience; and Yotpo SMSBump to send targeted and personalized campaigns and automations to the brand’s customers, keeping them engaged and informed throughout their buyer journey — including keeping loyalty members updated about their points and tier status.

Yotpo’s product synergies between Loyalty & Referrals, Reviews, and SMSBump have played a crucial role in helping KAS Australia improve customer retention and create a seamless and tailored customer journey and post-purchase experience. For example, by leveraging shared data points between Yotpo Loyalty and SMSBump, the brand can boost the effectiveness of abandoned cart flows by informing customers that they can redeem their points on an item left in their cart.

Yotpo’s platform has helped KAS Australia create a more seamless and satisfying customer experience, resulting in increased customer loyalty and higher customer lifetime value. 60% of loyalty members now repurchase from the brand, and the brand’s VIP tier flow has seen 167x ROI and 17% CTR. And since implementing Yotpo, the brand has added $137 more revenue per customer, and AOV is up by 5.45%.

Growth Gurus believes the forefront of any thriving business is having an exceptional product or service. That’s how they pick their clients, and also how they pick their partners. Yotpo has effortlessly helped the agency grow shared clients’ businesses with easy-to-use products that clients can successfully navigate and maintain. Yotpo’s solutions have allowed the shared brands they work with to incentivize their customers to repeatedly shop with them, tell their friends, and reap benefits in the process.

Partnering with Yotpo has been incredibly valuable to our clients. We’ve been able to provide our clients with valuable insights into their customers' experiences and power their growth. With Yotpo's suite of tools, our clients can now easily and effectively engage with potential customers, enhance their brand reputation, and drive growth.
Matt Coleborne

CEO at Growth Gurus

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