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Excellence Award


Excellence Award


Outstanding agency driving mutual client success through innovative eCommerce strategies, that exhibits commitment to the partnership, consistency and quality of shared business, expertise with Yotpo’s full suite of products, and support across the entire customer lifecycle.

Leveraging a unique blend of technical and creative expertise, Underwaterpistol is a Shopify Plus agency that supercharges the success of high-growth eCommerce brands.

Omaze leverages Yotpo for SMS marketing to grow revenue and broaden their impact

Fundraising and sweepstakes platform Omaze had already made a name for themselves in the US when they approached Underwaterpistol with a plan to conquer the UK market with their irresistible prize draws. This involved three key challenges: establishing trust and credibility for the brand in a new market, building and launching a slick new UK site, and implementing a retention-driving eCommerce strategy to propel the growth of the business.

After achieving success with their email marketing, Omaze were keen to explore new ways to enhance their user journey and encourage customer retention. The agency introduced them to Yotpo SMSBump as a means to deliver personalized, results-driven messaging to their customers.

From the beginning, Omaze had a very clear idea of how they wanted to utilize Yotpo for SMS, which involved expanding beyond the existing features and rebuilding Yotpo forms to align with the customer journey they had already established. Underwaterpistol introduced an SMS sign-up form to the brand’s thank you page to avoid impacting conversion at checkout, allowing Omaze to maximize subscriber collections and deliver post-purchase messages to their customers to keep them coming back. Those who subscribe then receive a welcome flow with additional information about their purchase and the impact their donation makes. This helps to contribute to the trust-driving mission that is central to the whole Omaze project, while also increasing brand engagement and driving traffic back to their site.

Using Yotpo SMSBump for targeted SMS campaigns, Omaze was able to leverage a low cost, high return marketing channel that contributed to the immense success of the brand’s new site launch. From June-December, Omaze managed to collect 110,000 SMS subscribers (the majority of which were from their order confirmation page) and generate $891K in revenue, exceeding the UK benchmark for program ROI at more than 20x. The average CTR for their flows was 30%, and the CVR was 11.61%.

Yotpo is Underwaterpistol’s preferred marketing solutions platform, and the agency has worked hard to develop an in-depth understanding of the capabilities and benefits of Yotpo’s solutions. The agency’s knowledge of Yotpo enables their team to quickly and effectively identify which products will suit each brand and the best way to drive their growth through seamless, data-driven customer journeys, community advocacy, and increased retention.

Our partnership with Yotpo is something the whole UWP team is deeply committed to. Over the past few years, we have referred numerous clients who have signed up for multiple Yotpo products, showcasing our dedication to our partnership but also our appreciation of how Yotpo can accelerate the growth of our customers’ businesses. Through our partnership, we have had the opportunity to drive engagement, retention and revenue for innovative ecommerce brands across a wide range of verticals. Working together as a singular team arms us with the tools required to help brands unlock outstanding, data-driven customer journeys.
Sophie Seaton

Commercial Director at Underwaterpistol

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