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Pioneer and innovator in the eComm industry with expertise in developing cutting-edge marketing strategies, creating innovative and effective approaches to promote new products, and reaching untapped markets in emerging regions.

As Europe’s leading Shopify Plus partner for fashion, lifestyle, and beauty brands, Ask Phill builds scalable, data-driven eCommerce and sits at the forefront of innovation in the D2C industry.

Parfumado guides customers toward the perfect scent with Yotpo Reviews

Parfumado, a platform for exploring perfumes, had to contend with one of the biggest problems facing the fragrance industry online — it’s difficult to make an informed purchase without being able to smell the product. They turned to Ask Phill to help them find a solution that would help them connect shoppers with the right scents.


Ask Phill recommended the brand try Yotpo Reviews to collect in-depth reviews on a product-by-product basis and offer shoppers a comprehensive understanding of each perfume. With reviews, the brand was able to push their data collection strategy forward, adding additional insights to their AI-powered perfume database that recommends relevant scents to consumers. With Yotpo’s extensive API capabilities, Ask Phill intends to explore additional solutions within the platform to create a comprehensive and integrated customer experience for Parfumado’s clients in the future.


Since implementing Yotpo Reviews, Parfumado has seen a 12% increase in conversion rates and there was a 48%+ increase in engagement for visitors who engaged with a Yotpo Reviews widget. In just two months, the brand was able to collect more than 1,000 reviews, with a 9% review conversion rate.

Reviews is just the first step in the implementation, however. Together with the team of Parfumado, Ask Phill is exploring the possibilities of adding Yotpo Loyalty and SMSBump to leverage the synergies across the Yotpo Platform.

Ask Phill is Yotpo’s only Premier Partner in The Netherlands and at the forefront of helping brands in the Benelux region discover Yotpo. With several shared clients who benefit from Yotpo’s platform synergies, Ask Phill is able to leverage their expertise with Yotpo products to push the boundaries of what’s possible for the eCommerce brands they service.

“As a result of our partnership with Yotpo, we not only offer our mutual clients an enhanced customer experience but also have established a personal relationship between our teams. This collaboration allows us to work closely together, ensuring that we are serving our mutual clients in the best possible way, and providing them with the highest level of value and support.”
Martijn Wijsmuller

Co Founder & Commercial Director

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