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Dynamic agency paving the way for brands to craft and execute winning strategies that improve retention and increase LTV with thoughtfully tailored lifecycle strategies and managed services for SMS, email, loyalty, and subscriptions.

Sticky Digital is a retention marketing agency focused on making customers stick and turning one-time purchasers into brand loyalists.

Deborah Lippmann implements a next-level retention strategy with Yotpo’s connected solutions

Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann’s namesake brand was looking for a more meaningful impact to their revenue from their retention channels. They knew there was more they could do and were leaving money on the table. To help boost repeat purchases, they turned to an agency that specializes in retention: Sticky Digital.

Since the brand was already using Yotpo Reviews and hadn’t yet explored SMS marketing, Sticky Digital decided to implement Yotpo SMSBump to take advantage of the connected experiences between the two products with an eye toward leveraging more of Yotpo’s platform synergies between SMS, Loyalty, and Subscriptions in the future. The agency implemented SMS flows for review requests, as well as abandoned cart, browse abandonment, welcome, cross-sell, and winback. This strategy enables the brand to engage with the customer regardless of where they are in the buying journey.

Deborah Lippmann has seen 28x ROI since implementing Yotpo SMSBump, with more than $30K in additional revenue in just a few short months, along with 500 orders via SMS alone, and 1,500 new SMS subscribers.

Sticky Digital is currently onboarding Deborah Lippmann with Yotpo Loyalty and Subscriptions, utilizing Yotpo’s connected solutions to further boost the brand’s winning retention strategy.

Leveraging Yotpo’s suite of services, Sticky Digital has built complex systems of retention that keep customers coming back. From triggering reminders to repurchase at just the right time with Yotpo SMSBump to building loyalty programs that convert with Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals, the agency’s mutual clients with Yotpo are thrilled to get more value for each new customer they acquire.

Yotpo makes it easy for merchants to achieve their revenue goals while maintaining relationships with their customers at every touchpoint. Making a customer ‘stick’ is the most important piece any brand should focus on today, and with the full suite of Yotpo products, you're able to do just that. You're able to meet your customers where they are in the buying cycle, and create brand loyalists out of them.
Nikki Tooman

CEO & Co-Founder at Sticky Digital

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